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No Limits 6.05 - Synthesis

Angel: No Limits, 6.05 - Synthesis, by Ros Fod


*resists temptation to read orlon_window* One serial fic is really sufficient for my brain at the moment. (Plus i need to do schoolwork and grad school apps.)

This is the first time i’ve really felt the writing style to be distinctively different. The first 4 episodes were all written by different people [okay fine, TBQ wrote 2], and often had different tones, but this is the first one to have a writing style that really strikes me as distinctively different. Nothing wrong with that, i’m just noting.
He looked down at his own hand and drummed his fingers against the slippery surface of the glass. There was the scratch of the metal lighter sliding along the table before it ran into the ashtray, then the false note of cheap glass cracking.
Xander! Spike and Xander "Used to share a few drinks sometimes"?

"Oh, we're considering keeping boys, now, are we?" *dies*

And i thought the episode couldn’t get any gayer and then Angel answers Connor’s question about Spike by talking about hot pokers and Connor asks if he’s his boyfriend.

Amazing... milkshakes? *coughs*

(And we don’t wanna admit the Master was part of our gene pool ‘cause he had a case of the fuglies.)

"All these stories end in the middle [...] What happens to the story when the battle is done?" LOVE Illyria.

(And it is only upon looking at this entry a second time -- i.e., to add the below edit -- that the connection between that quoted and the end of this episode occurs to me. *face*palm*)

This isn’t the best episode to-date, but i love it madly.

Edit: I had forgotten about the ending of Episode 4: Deceivers until i was reading nolimits_squee but, um, casting spoiler... *drools*
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