Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"Are you passing me by? Or am I standing still?"

she knows she's just a little misunderstood
she has trouble acting normal when she's nervous

Round here we're carving out our names
Round here we all look the same
Round here we talk just like lions
But we sacrifice like lambs
Round here she's slipping through my hands

Fuck you, Bill Oram, and your allergy to the passive voice. I really think some of my sentences would sound better if i weren't rewriting them to not include "to be"/passive voice (And yes, i know you only circle that stuff when there are 9 incidents on a page, but a double-spaced page contains about 350-400 words, which leaves plenty of space for "is-es.") though i will admit that trying it is a good writing exercise because sometimes it does sound better in an "active" voice. This is one of those "know the rule so that when you break it you do so responsibly" things, isn't it? But hey, my Shakespeare paper is done, and that is really what matters. Once i actually got into really writing the paper and closely reading the passages i had marked and thinking about the connections and the implications and so on the paper was actually rather easy to write [The intro plus discussion of II.i took up 4 full pages double-spaced pages -- though this is in part because Oram is so big on us quoting passages at length, and of course my work ethic went downhill from there since i knew i would make the 5-8 page requirement no problem, but still, that much on about 70 lines? Did i temporarily steal Allie's work ethic or something?] and is actually a pretty solid paper. Yes, i really am fit to be an English major. [Dork moment: In my introduction i say "Arden is an idyllic place" and -- in part because i'm discussing the undermining of that idyllic perception -- i totally thought of "Camelot is a silly place."] And it's technically only a draft, so i'll get it back a week from Monday and then hand in the final version before Thanksgiving. The time from now until Thanksgiving will mostly be spent on "Sacrifice and Chosen-ness from the Israelites to Sunnydale: The Aqedah, Jesus Christ, and Buffy Summers" (and application essays) though.

*hearts my Daddy* [The following is an e-mail from him.]
I was biking today and saw a pumpkin carved with the words, "Vote Kerry."

"Oh," I thought, "a Kerry supporter. Must be kind of disappointed."

But then it occurred to me that part of Halloween is scariness, and scary jack-o-lanterns. Perhaps the carver was trying to say that voting for Kerry--and even more so electing Kerry--was a scary thought. [ed. cf. this pumpkin]

Ah, the postmodern problem of dealing with an ambiguous text.
*hearts the NaNo gear*
Am totally not doing NaNo this year, though. It appears that November will be a month of fic getting written as a procrastination method, however. Yay (?) for productive procrastination. One would think that i would get my work (e.g. this weekend's Shakespeare paper) done faster so that i would have more time to work on what really interests me without the guilt of "real" work looming over me. But no, i am not that good.

Reminders to self:
  • I need to get pictures taken of me 'cause i was busy and lazy and not-paying-sufficient-attention so i missed out on the Light Studio sessions and um, yearbook, fuck. Who wants to spend some time with me and my disposable camera this week? (Also: Suggestions for what else to use some of the 27 exposures on?)
  • Last Smith class-registration ever in T- 5½ hours!
  • Vacuum
Listening to copious amounts of music recently -- and yes, it is still bad for my getting any work done -- i remembered how much i like Eve 6. I really should listen to some of their other albums. Height of dorkitude moment today was noticing the parallels between the kinds of music i like and the kinds of pr0n fic i like and attempting to articulate the non-intuitive consistencies therein.

I finished my horn-tooting letter for Skarda [praising oneself in the 3rd person = fun] so now i just need to hear back from the Illinois lady and then i can give my recommenders their packets of forms.

The end of my horn-tooting letter? "P.S. She can walk on water." My mother (and father) will appreciate that humor even if no one else reading this will.

peace_studies Who knew that existed? I used to preface my explanations of what i wanna do in grad school by calling it "cultural studies," so i've gotten Skarda's spiel about how she thinks most of the "[adjective] Studies" programs are bunk. I can just imagine her reaction to the idea of something called "Peace Studies."

I am just a boy working in a record store
Yes I moved to San Francisco just to see what I could be
I am a loser geek, crazy with an evil streak
Yes I do believe there is a violent thing inside of me

She is just a girl, she is doing what she can
She dances topless when she's not playing in her band
Such a pretty girl, happy in an ugly place
Watching all the pretty people doin' lots of ugly things


Yes I think it's getting better for the two of us
Yes I think it's getting better in the worst way
I refuse to be afraid of almost anyone
Afraid of all the things they do, all the words that they say
Let's live the way we want to live and hope they go away

I really hope they go away
I really hope they find a nice place,
I hope they find it somewhere
I hope they go away
And I can still hear all those people say

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