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Celebration last year it snowed. Today i mostly walked around in a t-shirt and jeans.

The one day i don't have to run off to my UMass class (Veteran's Day) Allie isn't there (doctor's appointment). Hannah and Emma are good company, though. Hampshire's Midsummer is gonna be dark and creepy and slightly gay, so now i wanna go. (In other news: How many of next week's 6 showings of Little Shop do we think i'll go to? I went to 5/6 of NHS, and i'm ignoring last year's Leading Ladies in favor of first year Leading Lades and being dreadfully excited about this -- in marked contrast to my usual policy of minimal expectations -- though the promo photos kind of weird me out and the NHS production will always be the "right" production in my mind.)

After lunch i ranted to Emma about the upcoming English Department curriculum committee meeting until she finally kicked me out to proof her paper while she read more Aeneid. I realized i still hadn't picked up my seminar form, so i went and did that. I was also going to return a Forbes book and pick up a new one, but they were doing construction. I went to get my mail (yay, paycheck) and bumped into Danne and later Allie.

So yeah, 2:30 i finally came back to my room, and i didn't start actually doing work until 3:30, and there ended up being a nap involved in there as well even though i've been getting so much sleep as of late, but whatever. All that absolutely needed to get done was to finish reading Measure for Measure and that did finally get done. And i proofed people's papers, which makes me feel useful and smart and stuff. And there was good conversation throughout the day/evening/night, which is always good. And maybe a night of "not enough" sleep will jerk my body back into normalcy.

MHC is offering a class next semester on Tom Stoppard in which you read his stuff and his source texts (e.g. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and Hamlet). I need to start making a list of these sorts of classes so i can say "What i wanna do is totally legit, see classes already exist doing what i wanna do." (Though Gillian says i'm legit because instead of saying "Um, i feel like Buffy is kind of like Jesus" i can actually name specific episodes and so on.)

Turkish night tonight. We totally had baklava for dessert Monday night, so sadly there was no baklava tonight, but there was orzo so i could actually eat something other than yogurt and oranges (which has been my meal plan as of late). Hubbard had vegan cutlet, so that was tempting, but while i go most places by myself i'd rather eat with my own people (though i suppose i could have gone and looked for Chloe who doesn't love me enough to friend me back ::weeps::).

I was feeling very indifferent about Celebration, but i ended up enjoying myself muchly. Yeah sex-positive fun with a touch of seriousness. And although i always nit-pick wording, there was nothing outright offensive. At least not terribly so. There's still the straight-bashing and the bi-invisibility (people come to Smith and turn gay, never realize they are in fact bi -- yes i know simplification is in some ways necessary for skits, but still).

But anyway, the skits were fun. Notable ones included the Cinderella story including Dick Cheney's lesbian daughters and McGreevey seeking a running mate, and Crocodile Hunter on the species of lesbians at Smith. And there was the vagina costume in one, because it wouldn't be a Celebration without that. Also: Yeah O.C. femslash fanfic onstage. "Summer, what's going on this between us? What is this about?" "This is about Smith." Is there always a boy band skit or am i thinking of NHS Class Act? Anyway, i enjoyed. (It was "Scandalous" by Mis-Teeq, i think.) A cappella highlights: "God is a DJ" by Pink and "White Flag" by Dido (which always makes me think of the LJ icons). And the 'Poofs doing Ferron's "Testimony" all in black with candles at the end was lovely as always. And rap-a-pella was fun, and Crapapella did "Kiss the Girl" (Little Mermaid -- "Darlin' it's better down where it's wetter...under the sea") and unlike the past few times i've seen Crapapella i wasn't silently screaming for them to stop already, so that was good.
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