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a weekend of ups and downs - though nothing major


The snow actually accumulated though it wasn’t very cold. It felt very wintery in a good way to look outside. Everything was just sort of crystalized. The snow stopped after a while but then started up again in earnest at night and everything was solidly snow-covered, though the next morning it began to melt. [People keep talking about this being too early to snow. Granted, i remember Thanksgiving being the first snow during my childhood, but do we not recall the October snows of recent years?]

I had a leisurely morning since my UMass class was cancelled.

I got my hair cut (yeah Bucci cheap) and it’s super-cute. Later in the day i put on my fancy black jacket ‘cause i was cold and though i looked so terribly butch in the mirror, which was disconcerting.

I was a good kid and started on the Bible reading, though admittedly i didn’t get a whole lot done. (Can we talk about how much reading there is? All of Amos and Hosea and Jonah, plus chunks from Kings, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Zechariah, and the gospels. Plus packet readings -- including a 45-pager -- and more in Ancient Israel.) And we’re gonna cover all this in only three 70-minute class periods? Of course, we blew through the monarchy stuff (Samuel and Kings) to get back on schedule since we’d been falling behind.

I wanna finish my Giles/Cordelia fic to feel all accomplished. And i wanna figure out how i wanna set up my website so i can purchase it and feel justified. I need to write application essays and work on my writing samples. Someone tell me to not sign up for Secret Slasha.

Just before tea, my brother called, so i missed the Cranium tournament, which i’m okay with. After about an hour we got off the phone, so i was downstairs just before Allie arrived so we just hung out, partly watching the Cranium tournament, until dinner. After dinner we watched Jesus Has Two Mommies with Emma. I always forget just how many graphic puns there are in that movie. I really enjoy the whole thing, though -- even though apparently many portions of it really freak out my friends. Hung out talking to people for quite some time afterward. Finally called it bedtime around 1am.


Was reasonably productive.

- Did more Bible reading. (Hosea is weird.)
- Washed my sheets.
- Sent lots of e-mails. Phooey on graduate programs that don’t have their GRE score report codes easily findable on their website.
- Filled out Rochester’s Application Part I (which is all of 2 pages, basically Name, Address, Program to which you are applying, and getting it in by December 15 means my application fee gets waived, so yay for that).
- Picked a topic for my Dead Sea Scrolls term paper. "Have you found other secondary literature on this subject by doing the usual searches or asking Mr. Sadjak in Neilson? If you find enough secondary discussion of the topic so that you can have an intelligent discussion with other scholars I will give approval to your topic." Grr. So i have to do research before he leaves for a conference on Wednesday so that he will approve my topic. And of course it ends with "Enjoy the weekend." I feel like Gillian last week. (Why is Neilson only open until 11 on Fridays and Saturdays? I was working on this after Autumn Serenade and was gonna go do some research in the library and lo it was closed.)
- Went to Autumn Serenade. Okay, that doesn’t count as actually productive, but it was a good thing to do. I’d forgotten i actually have been to Autumn Serenade before.
Blake=bleh, but the piano work for that piece was really impressive. (The piano work on “J’entends le moulin” was also really good, but that song was very fun as a whole.)
And people playing violin... the sound of the brief pre-performance tuning pulls me back to my orchestra days in a positive nostalgic way.
The water piece was really interesting. Adding in instruments right after the voices had done such interesting things seemed a cop-out, but then the bit right after felt like this intense bright clear expanse, like the clear sky after a storm (looking in the notes later, i saw it was the ocean after the estuaries) so it was okay, though i think the piece should have ended there instead of having the words after.
Glee Club did two sacred songs -- “Cantate Domino” (Giuseppe Pitoni) and “Sweet Prospect” from William Walker’s The Sacred Harp. Two very different songs. I definitely liked the second one best. The singers walking off the stage and circling the audience reminded me of NHS Madrigals.
Speaking of Ms. Moen... Glee Club’s two penultimate songs were “And Ain’t I A Woman” (Sojourner Truth’s speech put to music) and “Swing Low.”
Much though i really really like t-shirt and jeans weather, walking home after the concert and breathing in the crisp cold air i was just so happy.
- Started reading this week’s UMass book. (It keeps making me want to cry, and watch movies like The Boy Who Could Fly. I am weird -- though not so much for the former. The book -- at least so far -- is so much about loss, and desolation. And i am feeling touch-deprived recently. That is one thing i am very much looking forward to about the upcoming break: glomming on to my mother.) I also keep wanting to read the book aloud.


I went to church. In large part because i knew Kelly was preaching. (Staying in bed was tempting, but i hadn’t seen Kelly in ages.)
This was the second week in a row that i noticed how much so many of the readings and hymns include Biblical texts about Israel. Yeah Bible class.
Kelly did an abbreviated form of the Welcome her church uses: "Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey, you are welcome here -- for an hour, for a year, for a lifetime; we value all of who you are and can be as a child of God."
We sang “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee” and “In the Midst of New Dimensions” which are two of my favorite hymns.
I chatted with various people during coffee hour and then finally got to talk to Kelly. Liza was also there for part of it and seems to think highly of me, which i totally wouldn’t have expected. I basically just show up for church most Sundays but so many people are really nice and seem to think i’m a quality intelligent good person. It’s nice to be so easily absorbed into a community -- though the insistence that i’m bright and will get into my PhD programs and then get a good job and so on (Kelly says i’m going to save the world) makes me just as uncomfortable as it always does, and of course every one is very Left (and assumes i am too) which is uncomfortable per usual as well. But yes, good people. (And being told that i am doing great and valuable work and will be successful is a nice balance to the more realist perspective i get from others.) I am now “honor-bound” (to steal Doug’s phrase from his morning e-mail) to give copies of my “Sacrifice and Chosen-ness from the Israelites to Sunnydale: The Aqedah, Jesus, and Buffy Summers” paper to Kelly and Liza. And hopefully Kelly and i will manage a coffee date or something when i’m back over j-term.
2pm i finally left. Brunch? Who needs brunch? (Though i had had Coffee Hour food and grabbed some pastries and a banana after i got home.) For someone who’s such a loner, i really don’t like leaving quality people time.

And in a happy surprise, dinner was vegan cutlet, which i hadn’t had in so long, so i was very happy.

I totally need to print out some of the Blackboard postings before the semester is over so that when i’m teaching classes like “Reading for Subtext” i can prove that there are people way worse than i am in terms of making everything sexual.

I really dislike this last Dead Sea Scrolls group presentation topic. Taking “productive procrastination” to new levels, i proofed a first-year’s gov paper. Go me. Now that i’ve caught up on LJ i am out of excuses to not work on it, so i’m going to buckle down and seriously get it done as soon as i post this. Yes.

I filled out the “application” for my seminar.
This seminar asks how and why writers have collected, published, adapted, and fabricated oral traditions. Readings include theoretical backgrounds; field studies of living traditions; historical scholarship on the collection of folktales and ballads (including scandals and forgeries); and powerful literary recreations of legends, folktales, and folksongs.

1) What courses in literature have you taken?
I listed 15, plus the 2 i’m taking this semester. Yeah me.

2) What other courses have you taken (or other work outside classes that would prepare you for this class? Any other relevant background?
Um, other than all the lit classes i already listed? Well, Intro Bible. Oh, and Classical Mythology which i neglected to include in #1. And i took Comparative Education, so i have some background in working with field study kind of stuff.
Work outside of classes? Um, the obsessive analysis of Joss Whedon’s shows and how he plays with pre-existing tropes and then plays with the tradition(s) he has himself created. [No i did not include that on the actual sign-up sheet. :P ]

3) What are your main reasons for wanting to take part in this seminar? What could you bring to it?
Because it’s what i wanna grow up and do.
An obsessive nature and a passion for this sort of thing, not to mention a decent background in it.

And lastly, a meme. (Why is my mentor always evil?

Your Life in the Buffy Universe by Karen_Walker
Your Name
You are a
You work at
Your mentor is
Your current lover is
You were once engaged to
Tried to kill you
The new big bad
Your best friend
Your sidekick
Your best quoteI want Drusilla back, I've just got to be the man I was- the man she loved. I'm going to find her, wherever she may be, tie her up, torture her til she likes me again.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Your Life in the Buffy Universe by Karen_Walker
Your Name
You are a
You work at
Your mentor is
Your current lover is
You were once engaged to
Tried to kill you
The new big bad
Your best friend
Your sidekick
Your best quoteDo that thing with your mouth that boys like. Oh I didn't mean that bad thing with your mouth! I meant that little half-smile thing!
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