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Blessings upon...!!!

My brother was asking what work i have left to do and looking at my list i realized that UPenn (i.e., The School That Requires a 20-Page Writing Sample) is due December 15, not December 1. This makes me less crazy.

(Recently i was also looking at my December paper due dates and realizing it is slightly less insane than i had been fearing.)

However, idiotic grad schools still irk me.

Saturday i'm trying to fill out my Additional Score Report Request Form for the GRE and can't find the department/institution codes on all the websites, so i e-mail 3 places. Responses received today:
Dear Applicant,

The department code can be found here: http://www.gre.org/

Graduate Admissions
Um, not easily it can't. And why don't you know the code offhand to give me, you fuckers? At least theirs is the latest of all my deadlines (Jan. 18).
Dear Elizabeth,

It may be that you are viewing the web site maintained by the Office of Graduate Studies. Our program maintains a separate web site http://culturalstudies.ucdavis.edu/, and if you follow the appropriate link to Admissions, you will find both codes.
Stella Mancillas
Okay, in the time it took you to type all that you could have just copied and pasted the appropriate line from http://culturalstudies.ucdavis.edu/ but at least the codes are right on that page so it wasn't difficult for me to find them.

In other good news, the English Department curriculum committee meeting went quite well (longer entry on that to follow at some point), and i got this e-mail from Donfried: "If you find these articles [the ones i listed for him] provide a helpful dialogue than I would proceed with your topic." Yeah, i hereby declare them helpful since i'm sure not about to pick some other topic now.
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