Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"And it makes you wonder, Why bother to conceive of anything greater..."

So, i slept for about a bajillion hours this morning and into the afternoon. Dark skies tend not to affect my mood, but i suspect they had something to do with my not getting out of bed today. It wasn't until i read phineasjones' post that i realized that church would have been the Thanksgiving service and that probably would have been lovely. Sigh.

In the name of faith and religion
How much trouble must we witness?
All the wars
Hate and sickness
Can't somebody's god fix this?
Can't anybody's god fix this?


Maybe God let Jesus die
'Cause we wouldn't get it any otherwise
In canyons and in purple skies
That's how you get the big reprise
Not like He's some guy
Sitting up there thinking this is why
But maybe everything lets everything die
To make us all the more alive
To love one another
And be really present
Right here, right now

My 5-8 page Shakespeare paper was 6½ pages and the professor wanted me to elaborate on a few things and also talk about some scenes i hadn't touched on (though some of what he said i should cover i thought i already had) so it is now 9½ pages (in part because the prof is so big on quotations, of course). Um yeah. There's a reason i didn't talk about every single scene that features Jaques in my first draft but hey, if that's what the professor wants. Though i really should go back and make sure everything still flows, as i suspect it doesn't. It was occurring to me earlier today that my lack of Bible class this Monday gives me a substantial chunk of additional time i don't usually have, but i should really use that for stuff other than last minute papering. However, having some distance from the paper, not to mention some sleep, before proofing it is a good idea, especially since i got sucked into the hall with Poornima for like an hour, making my bedtime far later than anticipated.

E-mail from said Shakespeare prof requesting that we include an acknowledgements page with our essay: "This is a page--like that one sees toward the end of the preface in academic books--in which you acknowledge the help of anyone who has given you help with the essay. It's the standard thing to do as an academic to acknowledge your debts. [...] A roommate who proofread your work. etc. If you've read any criticism, it should be mentioned there. If you want to acknowledge your cat or your coffee machine, that's fine with me."

I like that the Sunday before Thanksgiving beak, as we are all nearing the breaking point, dining services gives us comfort food for dinner -- mac&cheese and hot dogs. [And there were vegan versions of the latter, so i got protein.]

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