Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"I'll be your bounty, Jubal Early."

UCSD gave me the address to have my transcript sent to, so provided i didn't fail to notice some place asking for 2 copies and only requested 1, i should be all done with that portion of the application process.

Though then i printed out fellowship/financial aid forms for Davis and Illinois -- oh the neverending paperwork. And to think, around this time last year i was psyched about never having to fill out the FAFSA or anything like it again.

(In other news, the world is not only small but tiny.)

Ann was standing by my desk explaining something to me when Stacey left for the day, so she took it upon herself to make a point of stating in front of my boss what wonderful work i do, because she is good like that. She said she had been telling David about my photocopying and he asked if Advancement had a problem with her delegating the work and she said i do such a good job they don't even know she isn't the one doing it -- high praise indeed (though of course it's largely because i ask her stuff when i'm unsure or want to confirm, though my instinct is usually right -- shades of MML much? ;) ).

I actually did a fair amount of SCMA work while i was at work this afternoon -- largely photocopying and stuffing envelopes; joy -- but i got some of my own work done as well, including finally actually starting to write a Statement of Purpose.

I should, of course, continue working on said SOP, but instead i wanna have sex with the Firefly crew read good porn or write bitchy manifestos. Le sigh.

i know i can't be the only
whatever i am in the room
so why am i so lonely?
why am i so tired?
i need backup
i need company
i need to be inspired

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