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My mother just informed me that a family friend passed away. Makes me feel bitterly ironic for having posted "The Big Reprise" lyrics, and of course there was that initial shock of "Gee, well that puts my academic etc. whining in perspective." He's been sick for a long time and wasn't young, so it wasn't a great shock, but still... he was a good man, and his wife is a lovely person. My mother thinks the service will be Friday. Surely it will be while i'm home, i hope, because i would like to go.

Funny, i was thinking about how one of the things i was really looking forward to about going home for the Break was hugging my mom a lot because i really like physical affection and never get enough while i'm at school.
"No one else is allowed to die this week,
keep it in mind."
-my mother
I find myself thinking about samfeasor's rant about the commercialization of Christmas (which had made me think of Susan's Consumalata article, suggesting the creation of a new holiday just for buying&receiving presents so that the religious holdays can go back to being concerned solely with the spiritual; i can't find it [edit: my mother informs me it was never published], though i found her "Will Your Hanukkah Survive the Christmas Frenzy?", ironically on a page with Christmas ads that play music at you) and the discussion about the importance of light and feasting and family [in the sense of those who care about and for you] and warmth in the midst of the dark and the cold... and i don't have anything profound to say about that but there's my thought.

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