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Thanksgiving Break

Wednesday i pulled myself out of bed around 10:45 (the family was expected at 11). I was showered and dressed by the time they arrived, but i was definitely packing while my grandparents were looking at my room. So i forgot to pack socks and underwear. I had been planning to buy more at Target in December, but apparently my subconscious wanted me to get more now, so after we got home i joined my father on his grocery excursion and he took me to WalMart. I looked for jeans, un-optimistically, as well and actually found ones that fit -- in 2 different brands no less. So now i have 4 new pairs of jeans: beige (Riders), dark blue, black, grey (Faded Glory - though i realized later that they have annoyingly shallow pockets). And $15/each, to boot. Next on the list is ankle boots and more shirts, but those are far closer to the “want” end of the spectrum.

I got mac&cheese-shells-from-a-box as welcome-home dinner ‘cause it’s my fave :) And I got wine with dinner -- a glass of cabernet sauvignon that was so dark it was nigh purple, and then a half a glass of merlot that i didn’t think was very good. I’m beginning to think that one of the few effects alcohol has on me is to make me sleepy, ‘cause this is the second time. What with my car ride nap and my obscenely early bedtime, i got up at a decent hour the following morning, apparently having finally caught up on my sleep. I continued to sleep obscene amounts throughout the Break, so hopefully my body hasn’t gotten addicted to getting copious amounts of sleep.

I don't know if it was people getting into the "giving" part of the "Thanksgiving" spirit or what, but e-mail Thanksgiving day included 2 responses to my fandomwishlist post (and from non-flist people to boot) writing fic for me; one of which included my belated Male Slash First Time Ficathon fic. Much joy. [And Sunday i found someone had left me feedback on 2 of my fics, which was also with the happy-making.]

After all the rain on Thursday, it was quite warm (well, low 60s, but still; also, humid) so i went for a walk for about a half an hour and came back via the street we used to live on. Saw two men playing football with a little boy on the lawn in front of the house that once upon a time back when i lived on the street used to be occupied by a solitary old lady. Nice.

My maternal grandmother opened the White Zinfandel before dinner and asked me if i would be wanting any with dinner and i said no (pink wine = ew). She then offered my (17-year-old) brother. His response? “I’m not 21.” We cracked up.

My Thanksgiving dinner usually consists of mashed potatoes and green beans with almonds, now that i don’t eat turkey. This year we had broccoli with melted cheese instead. Bleh. [Though as compensation we had green beans with almonds with dinner the following night. And while everybody else has leftover turkey for days, i have leftover mashed potatoes, which i think are much preferable.] We had pumpkin pie for dessert, though, per usual. By far my favorite part of Thanksgiving: crust-less pumpkin pie from a can (one of the very few things my family doesn’t make from scratch).

Watched CSI and Without a Trace. Yeah, that was an uplifting night of television.

"funeral service on Saturday at 10 AM at First Baptist Church of Norwood [...] Visiting hours on Friday 4-7 PM at May Funeral Home"

Yeah cognitive dissonance.

My first open-casket wake. Not that i’ve been to very many, but still, weird.

I didn’t know what to wear exactly, so i went with dressy-casual, including my black jacket. People converse while in line, which is kind of disconcerting since you’re at such a somber occasion, though understandable since you’re often in line for rather a long time. At the wake and the funeral i got a lot of “How are you?” which is such a weird question to answer at a place like that, though it gets asked rather a lot as these events are turning into United Church reunions.

The funeral was one of the longer ones i’ve been to, but not a bad service.
Ruthie said singing was gonna be difficult ‘cause the service was at the church Kenny had been a part of for years, particularly for her since he always stood next to her in the choir, and we suggested perhaps there should be a Rent-a-Choir for occasions like that.
After the eulogy, the woman who gave the eulogy patted the casket and said, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant,”and i got teary.
The choir sang “Love Grows Here,” and other traditional stuff like “The Old Rugged Cross” and “In the Garden” which then got me thinking about what songs I want at my funeral, particularly because i know my grandma wants “In the Garden” at her funeral (which sometimes makes my mom break down when it gets played at funerals).
Listening to the Isaiah readings i was reminded that much though the Bible is problematic and troubling, the idea of a Loving Creator is very comforting to me.

I was planning on wearing my black dress to the funeral per usual but didn’t -- in large part because my closet was so difficult to get to.
Grandma said, approvingly, that she had never seen me look so formal. Must be the jacket. I’ve gotten a slew of compliments on it this weekend.

We ordered asian food for dinner.
Reminder to self: veggie tempura is not that great
Despite years of experience to the contrary with asian restaurants in America, i always think of asian food as being lots of rice, soy, and vegetables with minimal frying and meat.

We do Christmas-at-Thanksgiving with my father’s parents. Because of the funeral and all, instead of being a Saturday brunch thing, this year it was a Saturday after-dinner thing.
My grandparents always put hints on the presents, and i managed to guess 2 out of 3 (i knew they were books from my wishlist, but that’s a rather large list).
Not Tame Giggling
Is She Different on Thursday?
How good was the Good Book on an ancient/contemporary topic?

It is so good to be back in my room at Smith.

I saw people bitching about the cold on LJ Sunday morning and laughed because i had been talking about my graduate programs the previous day and kept saying things like, “If i end up at San Diego i’m not sure i’l be able to handle years without seasons.” I heart the changing of the leaves, snow, the cold, the existence of seasons other than dry vs. rainy.

Took bloody long to get back to Smith, though. First there was the train from my suburb to South Station. I walked into the car, saw LM (i.e. the man who won’t stop talking) and sat down in a seat not next to him. I pulled out The Prophetic Imagination (i’m about halfway through and it has stopped making me homicidal) and after a couple minutes i see someone sit down across from me. I refuse to look up. After a couple minutes he asks me what i’m reading. I hold it up, front cover facing him. “On prophecy and the Old Testament - for a class.” He starts telling me about an Ancient Cultures class he took at Framingham state but soon is talking about stuff with no relation whatsoever. At some point he starts telling me about how he just doesn’t get subtle hints (examples being a girlfriend dropping hints about her upcoming birthday) and how one has to tell him exactly what one wants. Yeah, note to self for future reference. By that time i had resigned myself to that leg of the trip being a waste in terms of getting any reading done; and besides, it’s rather interesting sometimes the kinds of stories certain people will tell virtual strangers. (“It’s all fodder for the novel,” as Britta says.)

I have seen the bus terminal more crowded than it was, but the ticket lines were insane. I got my ticket and made my 4:00 bus, though. What with the rain and all, it took us an extra hour of travel time, so i ended up being in transit for 5 hours.

Peter Pan has some strange taste in the movies it chooses to show. Gwyneth Paltrow with a Southern accent, Marc Blucas with a bit part, Candice Bergen looking old, etc. in a summer flop.... Yeah, i have now seen most of View From the Top. (I tried to do reading, but i can't focus well with noise distractions, so about midway through the movie i gave up.)

On the Springfield-Northampton,etc. bus i chatted with Rachel-the-potential-English-major-first-year-who-lives-in-Duckett whom i may see over j-term, which was nice.

I came home to much love on my whiteboard and was promptly accosted by various people. So it took rather a while before i finished doing a minimum of work required for class on Monday. [Did i slash Caius Martius/Tullus Aufidius when i saw Coriolanus in London? ‘Cause, wow.]

And when i checked my e-mail i learned that our HP’s [House President] father had succumbed to cancer. The mother of one of our firsties recently died of cancer. And checking LJ, a friend’s father is doing poorly. What a lovely holiday season.

In keeping with the new icon (blasphemy) i was gonna write a slightly bitchy post about issues/politics but decided not to. [And no, not because of the recent tragedies; just because i’m feeling weary.]
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