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(I have so few hot-people icons.)

Stephanie Romanov is sex.

She has an unfortunate habit of being in movies i either have no interest in watching or which don't get a summary on IMDb. I do wanna catch up on the TV appearances i missed out on, though. And i am not ashamed of my love for Models, Inc. If that ever comes out on DVD, i am so there.

Ignorant geek moment. When a woman's "measurements" are given (e.g. Measurements: 36-24½-35), what does each number refer to? I mean, i know, but i don't know the order.

It amuses me that i find out about coming attractions through the front page of IMDb when i pull it up to look something up. I also learn amusing things like:
Lucas Wants TV 'Star Wars' Film Banned
Moviemaker George Lucas wants his first Star Wars sequel banned, as he is so disappointed with its quality. The one-off, two-hour-long The Star Wars Holiday Special was originally screened on the CBS network in 1978 and tells the story of Chewbacca's journey home with Hans Solo to celebrate Life Day with his family. During the course of the much-maligned movie, Carrie Fisher's beautiful Leia is seen reducing Hans Solo and Luke Skywalker to tears with a song. A contributor on the Star Wars website comments, "The Holiday Special has always been the red-headed step child of the Star Wars family." While a source at LucasFilm adds, "The Holiday Special was the biggest f***-up ever. The Force was definitely not with Mr. Lucas the day that doozy was born."

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