Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I am trying to get caught up on everything.

I called Ruthie this afternoon, and we are going to the Golden Abacus (a really good local Chinese restaurant) for lunch tomorrow. Tomorrow night i am going with my family to dinner at my mother’s best friend’s house. Tonight we are going to Perks (the local coffeeshop, which makes yummy vegetarian sandwiches) for dinner.

I sent an e-mail to Ms. Cristen Sankey Abrams of Neilson Library asking to work circulation. And before i went to work i sent sexonastick her package of mix CDs.

When i went to sign in at work last night, there was a note on my page, folded and stapled no less, from Michele saying “I need to see you on Friday.” Phrases like that always worry me, even though i know with Michele it’s usually nothing bad at all. So today i came in to work and when there was a lull i went over to see her. She said, “I have bad news. It’s not as bad as it could be, but....” She’s much more of a number person than a word person anyway, and obviously she didn’t want to tell me whatever it was. This was not making me feel any better, though, and running through my mind were thoughts like “We can’t continue to employ you.” So finally i got it out of her. We don’t get paid for lunch/supper hours, though we do get paid for half hour breaks. Now, i’ve always thought it odd that i get paid for only working 6 and a half hours when i work an 8 hour day, but obviously it’s not something i ever asked about, and it’s not something Michele thought to tell me, especially since she’s a salaried employee. So all these times i’ve been signing in (and thus getting paid for) 8 hours, i really should have only been signing in for (and getting paid for) 7 hours. The good news is that this is only going to go back to June, 11 hours. So i guess my next paycheck will have 11 hours cut out. A fair chunk of change, to be sure, but considering that i’ve been working here for 2 years, not a bad deal for me. I told Michele that she’s always saying she wishes she could pay me more, and here i am getting paid for a year and half of lunch/supper hours. She was so grateful that i was so “easy to talk to.” She really didn’t want to be the one to tell me (‘cause she loves me so much) but i told her i would much rather have her be the one to tell me than say Mary Phinney (the director of the library).

Incidentally, i love the kids who get out nonfiction for pleasure, or who get out these huge stacks of fiction. Kids who have a real genuine love of reading. Makes me so happy.

I am plodding through A Beautiful Mind, waiting for Nickel and Dimed and The War Against Boys to come in for me at the library.

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