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"You can sleep when you're dead."

Today (Tuesday, November 30):

"What Can You Do With an English Major?" besides take her out for dinner
Alums and CDO staff tak.
4:30pm, Seelye 207 (the faculty lounge)
Refreshments provided.

Sign-ups end for btvs_santa, serenity_santa, and Secret Slasha

I finished all my stuff for Illinois and Davis due Wednesday and just have to print it out (will do before Dead Sea Scrolls class) and mail it (will do after UMass class). Well, all the stuff that has to be printed out and mailed is finished. The longer statement for Davis is part of the online application, so i'm going to finish that after some sleep. Yeah, i've spent an obscene amount of time doing LiveJournal procrastination and didn't even manage to accomplish everything i had set out to. I am le suck. ::shrugs and goes to bed::

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