Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"I don't know. I have so - so many strong - reservations."

UMass lecture was nearly pointless, in part because i kept dozing off. Tomorrow after discussion i'm asking for an extension on my final paper and also inquiring as to what the nature of next week's lectures will be as i'm seriously considering skipping (with the theory being that i'll work on my papers).

Checked my mail. I had ordered the "original off-Broadway cast" Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack. What i received was the movie soundtrack. Sigh. Have filed complaint.

Got lovely Pooh &co. holiday card from dailestar. ::loves::
As you may have heard, the College is getting ready to install a new campus-wide telephone and voicemail system. [...]

We will also be changing the way students are billed for telephone services. Starting in January, students willl no longer pay a monthly charge for telephone service. Instead, telephone service, including voicemail and local calling, will be included in the room and board fee beginning in Fall 2005. No increased cost for this service will be included in the spring bill.

Because of declinging usage, the long distance billing program is being discontinued as of December 27, 2004. Students will still be able to use pre-paid cards and calling carrds to place long distance and international calls.
::hates on Smith College (in a relatively mild manner, but still) :: Yes, usage is declining as many people get cell phones, but not all of us have cell phones. *stabs* 'S not like i call home much anyway, though, so it's nearly a non-issue. I would be more pissed if it were happening earlier than my last semester here.

[I would also like to know why Groupwise is holding some of my e-mail hostage.]

I went to the Kennedy lecture. It was okay. I got the impression that it was additionally a memorial lecture. Craig Felton talked a lot about friendship in his introduction and concluded with "Blessed be the ties that bind" and i thought that was so dreadful given the subject of the talk.

So, um, i haven't done any work today (despite my good intentions) but i played with teh pretty. I now have lots of hot new icons and omgliekwhoa i hit my 50 (even deleted some pre-existing ones to make room). Never thought that would happen. I'd been wanting new icons and feeling like the pre-existing ones weren't adequate (not that i don't have much love for many of them, was just feeling like i needed more) so now i feel much better. I also posted much pretty to iconsensual. Mostly Asia Argento.

I haven't really checked my friendspage yet today, though. I should really do homework instead of that right now, huh?
Tags: icons: made by me, lj: usericons, smith: aggravation

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