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Not writing my DSS paper has included a lot of sex - though not actually my having any.

TBQ writes:
Finally, and with no segue whatsoever, faemovana has created fandompersonals, a place where you can try to find significant others who will bypass that silly stuff like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain for far more important things like advance tickets to Episode 3, or why yes, you really do need to spend your food budget on DVDs for a show you've already watched a hundred times.

No word yet on whether or not they'll also encourage people to do things like post where they stand on things like Spike vs. Angel, Ray V vs Ray K, and the differences between the LOTR books vs the movies in the same context as whether or not they're a smoker, but if you ask me they definitely should.
BtVS full series boxed set comes out December 14. You can pre-order on Amazon and not only get free shipping but also save over $150 dollars on the set, thus paying not quite $250. *watches parents regret promising graduation gift*

Mmm, genderfuck. (Thanks to minim_calibre. Warning: various images include chest nudity.) Yes, they look like mannequins but hey, the shoot is called "ASexual Revolution." (Iconage here.)

akronohten: Ya like being traumatized? ;)

Darlene from Roseanne is a lesbian mommy.

"Dr. Big Gay Love, Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Blonde" by nifra_idril
I haven't seen Oliver Stone's Alexander, nor do i have any desire to, but i was cracking up laughing reading this.

[Non sex-related, this contains a dead.from.laughter comment thread.]

Saturday evening:
Lez: Do you wanna watch porn?
Me: Sure.
Lez: That was easy.

Lez got a membership at the porn store across the bridge and brought back I Dream of Jenna, an I Dream of Jeannie porno with Jenna Jameson, and corralled a whole bunch of us to watch it. (Or part of it anyway. It's over 2 hours apparently. Porn with plot, though actually it's mostly plot interspersed with sex montages.) It's fabulous bad porn. At least at the beginning. It goes downhill as it goes along. We made running commentary on everything from the attractiveness of the porn stars to the camera direction. It was interesting seeing what squicked people -- penises, incest (the genie getting it on with her sister), rimming, foot sucking. I finally got grossed out by a guy splooging all over a woman's face. The porno totally could have been hot, but there were almost no erotic moments: the plot and the sex were mostly distinct and the sex was all just thrusting and sucking (well-acted/directed non-porn film sex often feels more real than this did). Plus the the guys weren't particularly attractive -- though this shouldn't have been a surprise.

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