Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"we are wise wise women, we are giggling girls"

we've got rings of dirt
around our necks;
we talk like auctioneers
and we bounce like checks

My DSS paper is still 3 pages. I'm trying to make myself care, but i haven't cared about any of the class material in weeks (though the Copper Scroll presentation was very interesting) and don't need the credit and the distaste of a failing grade on my transcript is really not a big motivator. I will do more work on it tonight, though.

I have an uber-rough draft for my Shakespeare paper, though. Okay, more like an uber-rough outline, but still. Is good. And having done back through the play i have a much better sense of the argument i'm going to make in my paper, which is very good. My paper title is "Aufidius: The Worthy Competitor(?)" You are in awe of my cleverness, no?

I am really looking forward to living on my own with a stocked pantry and a washing machine and a kitchen, all of which i don't share with other people. I very much look forward to living on my own. I think i could handle living on my own really quite well, that i could end up in a strange city (which is what will happen when i get into a graduate program) and not be particularly flailing or uncomfortable or anything. This likely owes a lot to the fact that i've never been a big people person, so as long as i have me space i'm fine, but i think i could manage to be a grownup and actually engage with the physical world around me rather than just living in my computer. After all, i get touch-starved, so i would have to make flesh&presence friends. And honestly, i explore places on my own mostly (Northampton, Oxford, London) because i'm a solo person, so i think being in a strange city i'd get the hang of the area and force myself to meet people. Applying for jobs and making myself meet people, not thrilling prospects. Living in a hole in the wall all my own, possibly in a city i've never even set foot in? Pretty damned exciting.

I am, however, no more fond of jumping through other people's hoops than i ever was. This will of course haunt me throughout my life, but it seems particularly bad as a student. Hopefully i'll be able to spend a lot of time on stuff i actually care about in grad school, 'cause hoop-jumping is far more amenable when i'm excited about the material.

Yeah Freudian slips.

For those who like Mal/Simon without automatic!sub!Simon.

Michelle Pfeiffer in drag. Damn. (I also really like early Michelle.)

And quotes on Michelle from the same website:

"I'm always kind of rushing up to her and kissing her on the mouth because she's so delicious."
-Emma Thompson, actress

"I look like a duck"
-Michelle Pfeiffer, the movie star herself.

Someone needs to write Emma/Michelle slash, preferably involving extended jokes about ducks. I'm just sayin'

I only did this once, i swear:

Hamlet defenestrates yo' mama and the machine gun.
brought to you by the isBlob Generator

I may need to add this to my UserInfo. No lie.

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