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"So is it still her room when it's empty? Does the room, the thing, have purpose?"

E-mail from Martha of Membership and Marketing:
In staff meeting, I meant to give credit to Ann Johnson and her team of students. They have been invaluable in helping the membership mailings go out promptly and on-schedule. Thank you!
There's a light over at the Frankenstein place at the end of the tunnel. It may of course be an oncoming train, but i actually rather suspect not.

and at the end of this tunnel of guilt and shame, there must be a light of some kind, there must be a light of some kind

11 days and i'm gone. Returning January 2.
The plan:
Tonight: RCFOS and Aufidius paper
Thursday: DSS, lunch, no UMass class!, work on Aufidius paper (hopefully finishing), 4pm poetry reading in Seelye 207, Hannukah party (free food! in CC big second floor room) sometime after dinner, go to sleep at a sane hour
Friday: Shakespeare class (including handing in Aufidius draft), no UMass class!, run errands, eat lunch, work on UMass paper, tea at 4pm, 6:05 bus to Hampshire for Midsummer
Saturday: Finish the UMass paper and devote rest of life to UPenn paper (which will go in the mail Tuesday afternoon [when - have i mentioned? - i don't have UMass class!] so the plan is to be finishing it no later than Monday night - utilizing the free evening i have now that Self-Defense class is over).
Tuesday is the last day of classes and after UPenn i am done save the Bible exam on the 18th -- and of course the 3 remaining graduate apps (all due in the New Year) and the 3 holiday ficathons (one of which is, note to self, due December 19th).

And i have only made one icon (since the last batch)

Discovered ff_shiprecs. Have restrained self so far. Holiday ficathons are haunting my brain, but in that good way wherein i draft fics while walking to class or whatever.

Stacey, to me, at work today: "I worry, that with all our bantering, you don't understand, how much I appreciate your work." As she was talking I was terrified that the sentence was instead going to end along the lines of, "You cross the line into inappropriate and undermine my status" or something.

Lunch = yum: french fries, snickerdoodles, hot chocolate, open-face garden sandwich (spinach, i don't know what kind of cheese but i liked it, and mushroom)

dresden_dolls Damn, does Flowers in the Attic need to go on my Winter Break reading list as well? Currently i have: gay Shakespeare, Emma's Victorian Sexualities books, The Narnia Chronicles (possibly some of Lewis' nonfiction as well), Dracula (and Mina) and Phantom of the Opera if i have time, plus an assortment of video watching, with ST:TNG 7.04-end at the top of the list (followed by Asia Argento because i'm a whore like that). I'm also considering watching all of Firefly from the beginning while i'm home since i need to rewatch a couple eps for the holiday fic and it's such a good show and my understanding is that my parents haven't really seen much of it. [Speaking of holiday fic: I know what i'm doing -- at least in terms of basic premise -- for 2/3 -- and as it ends up they're all gonna be holiday in content, which is unusual for me -- but i'm still trying to figure out the third one, and the recipient isn't helping. Grr. Yes, vague i know, but i refuse to turn my "I don't f-lock anything" statement into a lie just so i can talk about holiday ficathons. And really, i'll be fine once i figure out what i'm doing, and if the recipient doesn't state preferences, well that just leaves me freer to do whatever i want.]

Random factoid: Syphilis is curable (with penicillin). Leprosy is not.
The writer in his own way is asserting [...] disinterested piety and moral integrity are facts no less real, though less common, than the fact of suffering, and equally call for explanation.


"He may slay me, . . . [but] I will defend my conduct to his face" (13:15, AB). The friends see this only as proud defiance. That God should pervert justice is impossible, because God is God (8:3). They are denying what Job is sure lies at the heart of all morality and all true religion—the value in God's eyes of a man's pure love of truth.

-from "Wisdom in Revolt: Job" in The Way of Wisdom in the Old Testament by R. B. Y. Scott (New York: Macmillan, 1971), pp. 136-164. (153, 157)
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