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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"Peace on Earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled..."

Dear anyone currently attending a co-ed school: Please fill out my friend’s questionnaire for her soc class project.

*watches trailer* *phears* Very Tim Burton.

Mischa Barton’s character on The O.C. gets a girlfriend.

I almost slept through my (10:30!) DSS class Thursday morning because i have been shitty sleepy all week, but i didn’t - though class was hardly worth attending. I then got to spend a full lunch period with Emma and Allie because of no UMass class. Somehow my reward for that was to be subjected to Glamour magazine. I was sorely tempted to go upstairs and do homework, but i chatted with Hannah about movies and literature and class and stuff, and eventually Emma and Allie chat turned to more care-inducing topics.

I ended up not getting much paperwriting done in the afternoon, but it was good to spend time with good people. And i stopped in at SCMA to check in with AJ about my Jan-term schedule. I am working 39.75 hours over the span of 12 days. My second day (and the last day before AJ leaves on 2-week vacation) i am working 9-5 with an unpaid lunch hour. I am gonna never wanna see that office again. No, it’ll be fine, really - i hope. And i went to the Wednesday Night Poetry Workshop Class poetry reading, which was good. There will be a post of notes from that later. I picked up what i thought were something like Milk Duds but which tasted more like chocolate covered coffee beans. I had grabbed a handful and couldn’t very well put them back, so is anyone wants any, stop by my room. There was no egg nog at dinner, which made me sad :(

I definitely would have finished my Shakespeare draft in time to print it out at the library before it closed at midnight but with 2 paragraphs to go there was a hall party. ::loves on people:: Why do we have so many cool first-years this year? Not to mention the cool people of other years as well, of course. It makes me feel so warm that there are people who are sad i’m leaving in the spring. I really don’t spend enough time with all these wonderful people, and sometimes when it do it starts to make me sad that i’m gonna be leaving. But there is the joy of LJ, and e-mail, and even paper mail and the phone if it comes to that ;)
Also: PEDRO! And the Geisha analogy is totally accurate.

Sky 1: Time (Astronomy 101) watched “Yesterday’s Enterprise” (ST:TNG 3.15) !

“Becoming” (BtVS 2.21-2.22) would not be my first choice for introducing someone to Buffy, in part because it is the culmination of the first 2 seasons, but that very characteristic also makes it a good choice.

Anyone wanna take bets about whether i’ll graduate Smith never having kissed a girl dated anyone?

Despite the late bedtime, i got to (9am) Shakespeare class on time and was mostly awake during class. Handed in my Aufidius draft, which i’ll get back on Monday. (Anyone interested in editing my draft? Ha!) The plan is to write the two remaining papers before then. (Still debating whether to write the UPenn-Buffy one or my UMass final first. The real answer, of course, is that i should just spend less frelling time on LJ so i can easily get them both written.)

My parents sent me chocolatey goodness! ::loves:: (And yes of course i will share.) And my mommy is adorable and sent me a “You Can Do It” sign which is now up on my door.

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