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I like quoting/citing/linking.

Boston Globe Online - Catholics reject evangelization of Jews

CNN.com - NYC recognizes gay partnerships

My favorite part of thebratqueen’s well-written rant:
Yeah, I know the adoption process is a Hell and a half but why don't you sit down and explain in small words to me how it's in any way cheaper or easier than going through the thousands of dollars of medical experimentation, stress and aggrevation that would be necessary to get pregnant past the age of 40 and explain to me why it's a good thing to even try that in the first place considering the health risks to the subsequent kid that you supposedly love.

I also absolutely adore this line from the first comment:

The kittens and puppies you're dreaming of sometimes turn out to be tigers and wolves. The upside is, aren't those some damn beautiful and strong animals to love?

Sharon said, “I think you're making the right decision. about the loan. From what my father told me (and I may have bollocksed this up completely) they help you to establish a credit history, which will help you later in life.”

That’s a good point. I vaguely recall one of my student friends mentioning that early in the school year last year.

Sharon: weird about the library...
me: Yeah, one would think it would be in a handbook or something, "do not sign in to get paid for your lunch/supper hour."
Sharon: or that would have been something they like, *told* you about?
me: Yeah, that's what i mean. I got the full training, and obviously i grasped the concept of signing in from years of paging, but no one thought to mention "Do NOT include your lunch-supper hour when you sign in."
Sharon: that should be printed *ON* the book, for crissakes
me: LOL
Sharon: >_< I swear, adventures in bureaucracy
me: But hey, i'm only getting docked 11 hours. All the time i worked my senior year, last summer, and last winter, i don't have to give back those lunch/supper hours. I told Michele i'm calling it the "Michele Raise" (though really "bonus" would be a more appropriate term). I mean, basically i'm being told "you unwittingly cheated us, and we're letting you keep most of the money, just stop doing it."
Sharon: hee hee...I love stuff like that

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