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Wednesday i slept later than i had intended, showered, dressed, hustled to the edge-of-town post office and back again to mail my UPenn app, and actually got back with plenty of time to eat lunch before leaving for work. I did feel rather like i was going to pass out, though.

Work was insane. AJ gave me a pile of stuff and LM left me something to copy and then i had to deal with something else and i had to tell SA i wasn't going to have time to be able to do anything for her and i felt like, "Why am i everybody's bitch today?" I went to an hour and a quarter long training for the new phone system and didn't touch the filing all afternoon except to add more papers to the file (andi don't think i got more than a few sheets - if that - filed on Monday) and AJ figured out how to give me Banner access and i'm getting trained to do a whole load of stuff for when she is on vacation in January and i have visions of being overwhelmed and fucking up and yeah.

I got some nice stuff in my campus box and both good and bad in my e-box, the best being this reply from my UMass prof re: the e-mail to which was attached my final paper.

A fine essay. You know, you can really write. You make it look easy, which is a sign of real power. But you're way beyond college prowess already. It's a great gift.

Your appreciative Palanese panorama is splendidly organized and presented. One quibble: while you're right that hypnosis appears to be wilfull inattention, in fact it demands a special kind of attention. Self-hypnosis in particular requires a bifurcation of the mind into a part that gives suggestions and a part that receives them. This can't be done haphazardly or inattentively.

It's been a real pleasure having you in section this term. You're one of the people who woke up early and saved the section from the abyss over which it was tottering for the first week or three. I'm delighted to give you the nice big A you deserve. Best wishes for the holidays and break.....

David Lenson
I also came home to a note on my board (from Cat) informing me that the Smith bookstore is in fact once again selling the "Smith College: A Tradition of Women in Exciting Positions" t-shirts, so i went down on Thursday and got myself one.

It occurred to me before i went to bed Wednesday night that there was probably an end-of-semester RCFOS meeting, but i had definitely completely forgotten that it was a Wednesday-and-thus-RCFOS night. I did have a good night, though. I hung out chatting with people after dinner and then studied Bible with KLS, E, and R; followed by a viewing of Eddie Izzard: Definite Article in Emma's room. Dress to Kill is exponentially better, and i keep wanting to say that Definite Article was bad, except that i was cracking up laughing so much throughout.

Thursday i slept all morning and attemped to do work in the afternoon. I also e-mailed Skarda to check in about my letters of rec and got in reply: "I put them in the mail last Saturday. I hope you can walk on water because my letters said you could. Let me know where you land. Merry Christmas!" w00t

Oh, because i was procrastinating and had mentioned it to someone recently: the 2004 and 2005 French men's rugby team calendars (black and white, male nudity but no penises).

So yeah, i decided to stay home and do work this afternoon instead of going to the mall and yet somehow it's after 4 in the afternoon and i have accomplished nothing. So now i'm thinking i'll catch up on LJ, work on Secret Slasha, and then maybe my brain will be ready to go back to my Shakespeare paper.

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