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"the closing bell for this year..."

I know some of the sweetest people in the world.

Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in.

serenity_santa contains Part 5 of my fic present.

sdwolfpup's Firefly vidlet to Jeffrey Foucault's song "Battle Hymn (of the College Dropout Farmhand)" rips my heart out. [The song is on his Miles from the Lightning album, incidentally.] *watches it again*
Mine eyes have seen the glory
of that ragged flag unfurled
and I wonder when the light of the last
honest man passed from this weary world and they say
home is where the heart is
my heart ain't in this town
And halcyon_shift's Inara vid to Patty Griffin's "Mary" (found on alter-idem.com) is heartbreaking and beautiful (and full of spoilers for everything including the unaired eps so don't watch it until you've watched all the episodes).

Mary - you're covered in roses, you're covered in ashes, you're covered in rain...

In other news:

I still don't know what i'm doing for my btvs_santa fic.

My computer has been more cranky than usual as of late. I'm gonna need to buy myself a new computer regardless of whether i get in to grad school or not.

The one bad thing about going home so early is that it means missing the 3pm Sunday massage workshop.

E-mail from my father:
Grandma was cleaning out some old magazines and gave us the Spring, 2003 issue of Natural New England. There's a little article on the reopening of the Lyman Conservatory with this great pull quote, "The campus is just a short hop (walkable) from tourist-friendly downtown Northampton with an ample collection of eateries, boutiques, galleries, bookstores and other trappings of a sophisticated New England college-town."
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