Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

the weekend so far

So Ruthie and i went to Golden Abacus. She has been there for dinner a number of times, and the menu has contained numerous vegetarian options. So we’re there around noon and i’m looking at the menu we have been given, “Luncheon Special.” I see #16: “Vegetarian Delight, Pork Fried Rice with your choice of:” and you are given a choice of Egg Roll, Chicken Teriyaki, etc. Every item on the menu looks the same. It’s all meat. Whatever happened to plain rice, steamed vegetables, etc? Our waiter is very accommodating, though, and says they can make anything any way you want it. So we both get steamed rice and i get steamed vegetables and vegetable dumplings while Ruthie gets some shrimp thing and Crab Rangoon (which we learn does not contain crab at all but rather cheese and stuff. The food was good, and because they really give you about enough for two people i have lunch for tomorrow (today).

I learned tonight that I don’t much like Domino’s pizza.

My mom has been going through stuff to get rid of (puzzles, videos, clothes, everything) so i now have two new pairs of chinos. That saved us about $40 ‘cause we were gonna order me a pair from Land’s End. At some point my mother is going to take me to Wal-Mart to get soap/shampoo/etc., her going-back-to-school present to me. I may also buy myself a couple pairs of jeans, ‘cause i want a black pair and perhaps another blue pair. I still have plenty of stationery stuff (paper, pens, folders, etc.) from last year, though, which is cool. I have begun going through my warehouse of a room in earnest, despite the heat wave. Lots of papers from last year going in the recycling. One nice handy folder of Smith stuff. Sorting out what to take to school, what to leave here, and what to send to the nearest thrift store.

My pretend journal’s been something of a challenge. Partly because of spillover from the real life situation it’s based on, and partly just because it’s difficult to create a character and a day-by-day life for her, but challenge is good. I’ve also been doing serious work on a Buffy fic. (Sorry, Laurel, no femslash in this one.) And i’m getting back into zining. Wow, who knew i could be so productive?

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