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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"...cast aside the shroud of another man, who served the world proud..."

"as always, great comments, can't thank you enough"
My brother is teh cute.

Aw, an "Am I Blue?" fic challenge. Took fandom long enough. Luff that story.

Unrelated: "Buffy and Dawn feel that they've earned a vacation. Wackiness ensues." (juleskicks) *giggles*

buffyverse1000 is eating wisdomeagle's brain, and she wrote a lovely G-rated Buffy/Giles/Willow (UST) fic: "Before School Activities"

Also from wisdomeagle: Watching Jossverse in alphabetical order. It's weird. Started with "After Life" and will end with "Zeppo, The."

Slowly ripping my heart out by playing the Inara "Mary" vid in the background as i worked on my tragic Shakespeare paper was probably not my wisest decision ever.

Jesus says, "Mother I couldn't stay another day longer."
He flies right by and leaves a kiss upon her face.
While the angels are singin' his praises in a blaze of glory,
Mary stays behind and starts cleaning up the place.

Proof (as if we needed more) that i'm a dork is that as i was typing that up i remembered my search for fairytale songs a while back and thought, "Note to self for when in grad school: possible essay topic = portrayal of Christian figures in songs, particularly contemporary ones; would musicals come under the purview of that or a separate essay?"

I did finally get a handle on my Shakespeare paper. Did more revising than expected, but it's a better paper for it, though it's still not quite a great paper. However, i quoted Hamlet, using the word "consummation," so i win.

Though i felt like shit on Friday night and thus called it an early night, which was not so much with the winning.

Also: I was all over selling back -- or in some other way ridding myself of -- my Riverside, but now i kinda wanna keep it. I suck.

Saturday i had brunch with Allie and Emma, took my Bible exam at 7 (only slightly more prepared than i was at 2, but we know i suck at studying), packed (am bringing home laundry for like the first time evar), and now all that remains is church and brunch tomorrow and i'm audi.

I really love the quiet of Reading Period.

LJ was also quiet on Friday, though, conspiring to make me actually work on my paper. [Yeah, i know, i say that like it's a bad thing.] Well, except for my marathon with ladyvivien. 18 comments from me with only one repeated icon.

hermionesviolin: *whistles innocently*
ladyvivien: You can't be innocent and have a naked icon! That's against the rules!

Oh, and speaking of Little Miss "I'm the mad sister," The Picard Dance Mix = phear.

Michael Peterson's song "Drink, Swear, Steal, and Lie" ... i'm not the only who mishears the end of "I want to drink from your loving cup," right?

P.S. Hey, look: Kwanzaa icons. (Other seasonal icons contained therein as well.)

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