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I would do this the day before the heat wave’s supposed to break, right?

My room is nearly ready to go back to Smith. It took a good few hours (with a nice break to watch The Man Who Knew Too Much with my family) but i’ve gone through nearly all the stuff i brought back from Smith. Have a large bag full of papers to recycle. Have a sufficient amount of notebooks, etc. to take back with me and a surplus to stay at home. I am taking a good amount of books back with me and leaving a lot here. Boxes are well-organized and well-labeled (both the boxes i’m taking to Smith and the boxes i’m leaving here). I still have a few piles of papers to go through, but as i’m getting a headache i’ll leave that for tomorrow. And after this i need to go through my closet and tear apart my wardrobe.

While going through all my stuff, i kept finding money, stamps, gift certificates, and other good things. Why can’t i just keep stuff together? So i’m trying to come up with a list of books for my now upcoming B&N trip. I’m picky about books, though, rarely actually want to own any. (And a lot of the books i do want to own are out-of-print or whatever.) Plus, in going through my stuff i’m finding i have so many books. Who knew? I mean, looking at them i remember having them all in my room, but it’s hard to believe i fit them all into those puny shelves. And i know i barely read any of them, so a lot of them can stay home. Not that i have any shelf space in my room at home, of course. Sigh. Anyone have any must-own books? Not must-read (though you’re welcome to recommend those, too) but must-own.

Anyone want a “Women Unite: Take Back The Night” bumper sticker? Most of the stuff i’m getting rid of i’m just sending to the nearest yard sale, but i thought there might be someone on my friends list who would want this.

My newest nonfiction interest is fat (something i read a lot about a couple years ago) because it seems to be coming up all over the place recently. I have real problems with “overweight.” How can one determine what your “ideal weight” is? You can be thin and unhealthy (and i don’t just mean undernourished; i mean thin people have diabetes, high cholesterol, etc., and can be very physically unfit) and you can be heavy and eat a balanced diet and be very physically fit. Okay, so if you add on lots of pounds to your frame it’s a strain on your system. But most people are not “overweight” in a way that puts a strain on their system. I think the focus should be on being healthy -- i.e., eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly -- not on specific numbers. Plus, dieting is so problematic. Okay, stopping now, ‘cause i’m not up for a whole essay or anything. (Yes, Layna, i am so joining Bodywise.)

I am SO SICK of people titling Buffy entries “I think this line’s mostly filler.” It annoys me much more than the overuse of “Want. Take. Have.” Largely because it’s so inaccurate. If you’re just posting the result to a quiz or something, fine, (though in that case you should think about why you’re posting it to a community and not just in your own personal journal) but stuff like this is so NOT filler. It has made me even more excited about the OMWF soundtrack, though i had thought it was coming out a week earlier (September 17) than this says (September 24 -- also the date the seventh season begins).

from my dad:
Subject: An explanation for why Smith is changing IDs.
Click here: Hack Me - Yale's culpability in the Princeton hacking scandal. By Daniel Rosenheck
Well, implicitly. Read the posts after the article, too.

Thanks to thebratqueen for yet another yay-inducing NYC article: N.Y. Times to Run Same-Sex Notices

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