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Spring Break Escalante trip sign-up

The athletic department's Outdoor Adventure program announces a spring break getaway (March 12-20) to Escalante and Bryce Canyons, Utah, including backpacking through the beautiful desert southwest with natural arches and some other amazing scenery. Thee program can supply gear. Cost: $433 (due soon to pay for airfare) and another $200 (for food, lodging and van) due in February. Sign up now or come to an info meeting on Wednesday, January 5, at 4:30 p.m. in the new Ainsworth Lounge balcony.
I do not need to sign up for this, i do not need to sign up for this. I have already been, and backpacking is not my style. *is dead from the beauty of Bryce* subliminal message to all Smithies: Go! Bryce is the most beautiful thing in the American Southwest.

Also: rhipowered has created a multifandom Women's College Fic Challenge.
Tags: all about the rocks, fanfic: challenges, planning ahead, smith

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