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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Well, we got snow on The Day After Christmas.

Everyone seems to be listing what they got. I'm not going to list, just gonna state that i love getting things i actually asked for, and this Christmas made me quite happy in that regard. And okay, i will list, because i like talking about how much i adore my family. I got an Amy Grant album, a Catie Curtis album, the Buffy Watcher's Guide (both volumes), What Would Buffy Do?: The Vampire Slayer as Spiritual Guide, and Our Tribe: Queer Folks, God, Jesus & the Bible (Millennium Edition: updated and revised).

Christmas wasn't painful, but i've been writing up my rant for ages, so eventually it will get posted. Along with talk about all the books and DVDs that have been my life this Break. Thank God there is actual social interaction in my future, as there is only so much that even i can take. (I am reminded of this everytime i'm home for an extended break, and everytime i leave for a break i forget that even i can only take so much time alone with stories and no real interaction with people.)

I've been skimming the flist. The home computer is in the middle of everything and i share its usage with other people, so my usage while home is minimal.

I still have to finish my two Secret Santa fics, but they're not due until New Years, so i'm not allowing myself to feel guilty. (And i haven't looked for mine either, including Secret Slasha -- and i actually finished my assignment for that one early.)

Oh, and speaking of fic: flamingnik created the pike_fic for Christopher Pike fanfic. I loved Christopher Pike's stuff when i was younger and suspect i would still quite enjoy my old favorites, but i totally don't remember even my favorites well enough to fic.

P.S. From sophia_helix:
A small public service announcement, although the gossipy seventh-grader in me kind of hates to give this up.

When you're reading on a filter? And you click a link to someone's site off your friendlist? That person, when checking their site stats, can totally see what your filter is called, because that's what the referring link is called. And sometimes your filter names are amusing.

Now, I've never discovered myself to be on anything other than a sort of secondary reading filter (nothing I haven't assumed before), but I was talking to, er, a friend-who-shall-remain-nameless, who had some filter names that were personally amusing but definitely not for public consumption, and I realized that, alas, I'd probably better pass the info along.

So, you know, calling reading filters "fucking annoying" and "slightly less than fucking annoying" is probably not a good idea, unless you never clink on any links. *g*
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