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Thursday: Good snow day.

Had a lengthy snowball fight with norgus_beesh and vikingkangaroo behind Park overlooking the Pond. I had really never done a snowball fight and feel like a more complete person now. Also: much fun. And trudging through the snow is a serious workout :)

Later we went to Sally-from-Park's room. I had dined with multiple times this j-term, but seeing all the Buffy boxed sets on her, so of course she went way up in my estimation. (She also has Gia, so at some point i get to borrow it to show Emma the boykissing scene.)

"Buffy and bisexuality." -Ruhi, summarizing my interests

We watched "Anne" (3.01).

"I'm not great at taking care of myself."
"Gets easier. Takes practice."

And i got to say "And she does get better," because i've seen the three Angel episodes she was in.

Hanging out after dinner (with a mostly different crew of people) included my sharing yet again my holiday fun facebook story since apparently some people missed it the first time around. Kate thinks i should report them. The consensus was that the least that was called for was an e-mail to the group.

We watched Peter Pan. More commentary on that once i've actually read the book. (Also: Now i really wanna rewatch Hook.)

Friday: First day back at SCMA.

Monstrous pile of filing (basically nothing's been put away since i left) but of course i spent maybe 10 minutes on that. Oh Tryon Trip mailings, how no one loves you. Yes, i did spend almost all of my 7 hours working on that. But it's done, and this was my one 8-hour day. After this i'm just working a few hours each day. I ended up staying an extra half an hour plus for the training AJ hadn't had time to do with me, so i get paid an extra 45 minutes (AJ's declaration) plus she gave me an extra hour pay to make up for the fact that yesterday's closing made today so crazy. ::shrugs happily:: (Though i'm still anxious about the next two weeks.)

Nan left out a pile of Georgia O'Keeffe calendars free for the taking for staff, so now for the first time in a couple years i can look at my wall and actually see what day various dates are. Woot. (A lot of the art is underwhelming, but the practicalness makes me quite happy enough.)

hedy: so according to the kindergardeners at the willet school, Norwood is a country

The Christmas package from the Californians arrived after i'd returned to Smith, so my brother called with details of its contents and sent me the bits i wanted. It arrived quite fast, and damn the kid's got packing skills.

2-4 inches tomorrow? "Due to the impending storm for Saturday, January 8, 2005, the Campus snow emergency will remain in effect through this weekend."

scopophile: "critical theories of pornography, exhibitionism, and other perverse spectacles"
MCM (read: program i conisdered) and American Civ. Ph.D. students at Brown

I have so many plotbunnies for Metamorphosis, which is both good and bad. [I also have a slew of other bunnies/WIPs. Oh how i love the fact that i am on vacation and can actually get some of this stuff written.] One person said they didn't want "Trash" (for Firefly) so of course then i kind of wanted it, but the fact that i didn't get it is fine.

In the interest of giving some focus/direction to the swirling plotbunnies... Anyone have stuff they really wanna see me do with any of these titles? (Preferably not just sex.)

"'I Was Made To Love You" (BtVS)
"The Message" (Firefly)
"Lonely Among Us" (TNG)

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