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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Today, i:

Did errands, including paying my fines at Forbes, even though they don't freeze your account until you hit $10 and so almost never even tell me i have fines when i'm checking stuff out. Lost a button on my coat and did not backtrack to search for it, which i am now regretting because it was the middle button.

Approve of the purple hair. Am lacking an Emma.

Survived my first day at work sans AJ. Nia had sorted the mail and started on the filing, and there were only a few quirky things, and i got a huge chunk of the filing done, and there weren't too many phone calls. Am still anxious about the next 8 days, though. (Marla, everytime i send something over to Advancement i think of you :) P.S. We should have lunch sometime)

Keep seeing talk about the new Phantom of the Opera movie and can't bring myself to care since the book story didn't grab me. Am a h0r and wanna see Elektra, though. (Any Valley folk wanna go with me? I'm thinking Saturday.)

Saw my first Marlon Brando film. Oh, the number of times i wanted to hit Marlon Brando's character over the head with a baseball bat. Not to mention the stupidities of various other characters. And the inhumanity at the end... grrr. I have now seen "I coulda been a contenda" in context, though, which makes it damn poignant.

Will post my BtVS Metamorphosis Challenge fic unbetaed if no one's gonna offer to beta it for me. Having read fox1013's rant, i feel kinda shitty about not ever having my stuff betaed, but there's also that part of me that never gets my papers edited either -- stubborn Yank or whathaveyou.

Am scoring a cap and gown muchas gracias a hedy.

The album version of "Closed for Renovations" does not include the Rose Bowl bit, which makes me sad.

From the Inklings' prof's e-mail:

"One of our key texts, Humphrey Carpenter, The Inklings. is unavailable in the States. We're trying to get copies for the bookstore, but I'm afraid they won't arrive on time. If you can possibly do so, I'd advise ordering it online from the Canada or UK Amazon site."
Well, that is the only text on the syllabus that refers to the third author in the course's subtitle, so i'm glad it's key.

"Here's the list as it now stands. Please note, however,that Lewis's Mere Christianity is only tentative at this point; it's possible I'll be substituting some selected essays, so you may want to hold off on buying it."
Isn't Mere Christianity the Lewis classic? (Not that i've read any Lewis besides the Narnia Chronicles.)

"Also, Robert Foster's Complete Guide to Middle-earth is only a recommended reading, to help us keep track of names and places in the Lord of the Rings mythology."
"help us keep track of names and places in the Lord of the Rings mythology" *drops class like a hot potato*

"C.S. Lewis, Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra and That Hideous Strength (the “space trilogy” or “cosmic trilogy”)"
Space trilogy? Surely you jest. "Cosmic trilogy," sure, but who came up with "space trilogy" as a name? Now i'm gonna have to stop myself from making Star Wars jokes.
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