Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I have e-mail again!

Amanda is my goddess. She reminded me that ITS had sent out an e-mail saying "RETURNING STUDENTS: Your passwords will be reset Monday, August 19. Your password will be set to the first 8 digits of your OLD Smith ID number (in most cases, your Social Security number)." I had in fact remembered that, but had forgotten the importany "first 8 digits of" portion, so i had been (unsuccessfully) trying my full SSN.

Monday night we had the coolest conversation (anyone with whom one can chat for over an hour about working with the public, libraries, computers, and even the weather is one cool kid, so in honor of that, i'm posting the terribly amusing beginning of our conversation.

hermionesviolin: Thanks to dictionary.com:

The duration of one tick of the computer's system clock. Often one AC cycle time (1/60 second in the US and Canada, 1/50 most other places), but more recently 1/100 sec has become common.

(Hi, from hermionesviolin on LJ.)

Auto response from silvermousepad: i'll be back in a jiffy. how long is a jiffy, you ask? well, i don't know for sure, but i'm positive it's not very long.

silvermousepad: lol
hermionesviolin: O:-)
silvermousepad: hi. i'm a 35 year old hot guy. 6'4", 180, muscular. i think you're hot. ;-)
hermionesviolin: LMAO!!!
silvermousepad: although, now that i think about it, 6'4" 180lbs would be pretty damn skinny
hermionesviolin: Indeed.
hermionesviolin: But is is skinny like petite? 'cause petite is sexy, or passionate, or something.
silvermousepad: ohwell, i tried ;-)
silvermousepad: lol
silvermousepad: ohyes, how could i forget?!
hermionesviolin: "hot" - that's what it was. Yes, petite = hot. How could i have forgotten that nugget of wisdome?
hermionesviolin: And "very hot" no less.
silvermousepad: haha

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