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So, i was sorting AJ's mail into folders as it's been rather piling up, and i saw that there were deeds of gift to be copied and distributed, dated the last day she was here (11 days ago). I have no memory of being asked to do them. That day was crazy with a mailing, so i imagine they were put on my list of stuff to do later. Well, better late than never i suppose. *sighs*

Generally life has been good, though. And other than last week's growl (which actually came at the end of an otherwise good shift) work has been pretty not bad.

Lunch today was first meal back in Lamont. Grilled cheese yum. It feels so quiet after the fullness of Cutter, though. People continue to trickle back in, though.

I think i may actually be happy to stop reading fanfic by the time the new semester starts. I've been going through crack_van, friends' recs pages, etc. and a lot of it really is quite good, but i've also been underwhelmed by a lot of it. (Not that this doesn't mean it won't be a lengthy recs page, of course, since i've been reading huge amounts of stuff.) It's possible that i'm just OD-ing on fic, but also i know that some of it is frustration with not being able to find good fic for certain niches i want. Feel free to comment with any Must Reads. Also: where is the good Kaylee/Inara, Buffy/Tara, Tara/Dawn, Anya (with anyone, or backstory/futurefic), TNG fic?

Edit: Okay, this makes me feel better about my decision to not do the Escalante trip, because really, i don't need to spend a week "backpacking/canyoneering."

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