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"My shirt looks good on you..."

Yes, it's cold out even for me. And i can see how that would make people wanna (a) never leave their temperature controlled abodes (b) curl up and die -- which is my reaction to the hot and humid New England summers -- but i still enjoy it.

Hmm. Although i rarely re-enter stories, i adore retellings and fanfic and i'm a continuity whore. Play with characters/worlds i love and do well by them, and i'm happy. Include snippets that show you know the details of the world and that remind me how well i know the world (and/or remind me of other stories from that world) and i'm very happy. *makes mental note to muse on this further and possibly make into a rambly entry for website* [And yes, this was prompted by my finding a wonderful fic that made me so very happy.]

Speaking of fic: I should reread HP5 if for no other reason than that i have very little sense of who Tonks is and she keeps showing up in femslash. I'm really only interested in Hermione, Ginny, Luna, and McGonagall, but from what little i remember of Book 5, i think i could be interested in Tonks if i actually paid attention.

Watched Pirates of the Caribbean with Ruhi. Yup, still pretty. And i'd forgotten how good the music is. I still don't understand the plethora of fic from this movie, though. I am so not inclined to ship anyone (and this is me we're talking about - incoming apocalypse, anyone?). Deleted scenes are often deleted for a reason, but sometimes they're good. "The French" is a must see. Did he really say "I used to date a eunuch"?

Facebook threatens to eat my soul. Damned message function. (Though really, it's a good thing, because it makes it into an actual interactive thing rather than just lists of people.)

Edit: Confirmed randomish NHS girl. Messaged her incl. "Hadn't expected to hear from you." Reply included "Well it's facebook you should expect to hear from random people!"

Emma once said that Starbucks weirds her out because she always thinks of Starbuck from Joan D. Vinge's The Snow Queen -- which she read long before she ever saw a Starbucks. I read the novel last semester and am now weirded out everytime someone mentions the Battlestar Gallactica Starbuck.

What sign of the Zodiac am I?

Taurus 60 %
Capricorn 53 %
Pisces 46 %
Virgo 46 %
Sagittarius 46 %
Scorpio 40 %
Aquarius 33 %
Cancer 26 %
Gemini 26 %
Libra 20 %
Leo 13 %
Aries 6 %

Take the Zodiac test here!

[I was born under the sign of Cancer.]

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