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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"life knocked me off my platforms..."

Morning was errands. My gloves pulled a vanishing act, so after brunch i went (back) to Acme Surplus to purchase new ones (which i think i actually like better than my old ones). Britta had said hi to me the first time i was there and this second time we chatted briefly.

"Do you want me to cut the tags off?"
"Yeah, that'd be great."
"I've cut the tags off 47 pairs of gloves, and I've only been here since 9:30." [this was a little after noon]

9pm weather.com broadcast from Boston says 15-25 inches expected in Boston (near 3 feet on the Cape), winds of 50+mph, and a blizzard warning through 6pm tomorrow.

KLS and i went to a ballet today :) Pioneer Valley Ballet Company and School presents Dances at a Masked Ball at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. We had come for the galleries, but the ballet was nice. The Eric Carle stuff seemed new since the last time i had been there, which was nice. Interesting comparing the scenes from Do Bears Have Mothers Too? (1973, by Aileen Fisher) to those in Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother, Too? (2000). And the Robert Sabuda batik was really nice. What i had really come for was the Chris Van Allsburg, which was lovely and made me want to reread all his stuff. There should be fanfic for The Mysteries of Harris Burdick.

A little after 3 we were done and headed to the coatroom to get my bus schedule and lo it was snowing out. Everything was white, though there wasn't too much accumulated yet. The visibility was crap on the bus ride back, though, and my plan for tomorrow is to wear the coziest clothes i own and never leave the house.

Oh, children's book stores. I made glee noises over stuff like the Nutshell Library, and KLS got this in German (Die kleine Spinne spinnt und schweigt).

hedy came over for dinner and we hung out for a while. She asked me if knuckle down was better than educated guess. I said yes because after one listen of educated guess i never touched it again whereas i'm enjoying listening to knuckle down even though all the songs sound the same. I pulled out the album, though, and later i looked at the lyrics booklet, and educated guess has really strong lyrics that i like better than knuckle down, but i put the album in and listened to it and really, a lot of the sounds pain me. This is unfortunate.

Studying Stones: *cough*River*cough*

hedy gave me a 9-inch wooden ruler that says "Let's talk about sex" (a Kinsey promo freebie she'd picked up). Yay me :)

After hedy left i went downstairs and caught the last hour or so of Maurice. I read it over break and don't think it's a terribly good book. It didn't strike me as a terribly good movie or adaptation either. Yeah, i know, no accounting for taste and all that. E, A, and any other opinionated parties are welcome to debate this with me.

So, i signed up for femslash05. Should i sign up for the Whedonverse Femslash Ficathon as well? This is probably a rhetorical question, huh? The "Pairings would you feel comfortable writing" line is interesting 'cause it's got me thinking about which pairings and characters i'm honestly interested in at the moment instead of just listing the same pairings i've always said. And yes, fanfic has definitely influenced my views on a variety of characters and pairings. (I also now have a desire to rewatch "Lessons" and "Help" and write Kit/Cassie.) Ooh, willshenilshe's doing alphabet drabbles. What a neat idea. I'd have to do it myself though, 'cause it's not like anyone's gonna request fic from me. (I'm also having angst going through my fic archive and feeling like most of its not good enough to wanna put up on my website. Oh and bugger, i should really try to do my other two Metamorphosis Challenge assignments, huh?)
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