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My paper journal entries are beginning to read like LiveJournal entries.

Yesterday morning i went to the library around 11. Michele gave me the whole “What are you doing here? You’re not allowed to be here unless you’re working.” I told her i was looking for Terry to say goodbye since he’s going on vacation next week. She said he’d gone to the post office, couldn’t i have said goodbye to him last night, and why don’t i just leave him a note. Okay, so apparently i have a big sign on me that says Stalker. Good to know that even though i’ve been feeling fairly ignored by him this summer, other people still think we’re sleeping together or something. I’m really tempted to bring it up when i see Michele on Tuesday. I mean, if i had asked about Beth or some other grownup who works there whom i’m friendly with, i probably would have gotten “Oh, she’s at a meeting right now, she should be back around noon, how long are you gonna be around? I’m sure she’d feel terrible if you left and she didn’t get to say goodbye to you.” And i mean, a note? For the love of all that is holy.... What am i supposed to write? -- “Sorry i missed you. Have a great vacation and i’ll see you when i come home for Columbus Day.” So i decided to just go to the post office, since i had to buy some stamps anyway. I caught Terry in the lobby of the post office. “Hey, Liz, what are you doing here?” “Well, Michele said you’d gone to the post office, so since i had to do some stuff here anyway....” “Okay, do your stuff then, I’ll wait for you.” So i bought my stamps and then we went back to his office and chatted for a while. Apparently he still gets the “Is there anything going on between you and Elizabeth?” “No.” “Are you sure?” It annoys me that no one ever hassles me about it. I mean, is the assumption that he’s the adult who should put the brakes on this? Or is it that he’s seducing helpless innocent me? I mean, what gives? I’ve gotten comments twice, and both times we were together (actually, one of those was directed to him, about me, so really i’ve only gotten a direct comment once). Sigh.

So moving right along. The weather was so beautiful yesterday. After that miserable heat wave i am revelling in this 70 degrees and breezy. I LOVE it.

On the train i was telling Jonah how i had Barnes & Noble gift certificates but i’m not really big on actually owning books usually, so i’m not sure what i’ll end up getting. This guy across the aisle informs us that there’s a great cheap bookstore in Harvard Square near the “Curious George bookstore.” (“That would be the Children’s Wordsworth,” i think, but i don’t say anything.) Jonah politely thanks him for that information. We continue talking and the man jumps in again. He tells us that a great place to find stuff to read online is fanfiction.net. I admit to being familiar with that, though i’m not a fan of it. He recommends various authors (who turn out to write anime). We both admit to not reading anime. He is not deterred. I mention that i am familiar with Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic, Harry Potter fanfic, and Lord of the Rings fanfic. He latches on to Lord of the Rings. Tolkein was very prolific. This leads to Asimov was very prolific. This leads to science-fiction/fantasy and many of the big authors thereof. This leads to the Star Trek movies. I manage to mention that one of my big summer reading projects was to read Lord of the Rings, that my mother read us Foundation on a cross-country trip, and that i’ve seen the Star Trek movie with the whales. That’s about it. Often i would open my mouth to make a comment and there would be no pause for me to speak. Lindsay McLean, anyone?

We went to Downtown Crossing first and found Barnes & Noble easily. We ended up in thej Gay & Lesbian section and i finally decided on two anthologies -- GenderQueer: Voices From Beyond the Gender Binary and Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out -- after we had discussions on various queer issues. (Incidentally, i want to get/make a t-shirt that says “How Dare You Assume I’m Heterosexual.”)

Then we went to Central Square to get something to eat. Au Bon Pain, baby. I was pleased to realize that all i remember of Central Square had not disappeared, we just hadn’t gone far enough last time we were there. We went to St. Vincent de Paul’s and i found a really nice pair of navy boot cut jeans. We waited for the dressing room for ages and seemed to frequently be in people’s way (it’s a very small and crowded store). And then the pants didn’t even fit. Sigh.

Then we went back to Downtown Crossing because Jonah wanted to buy one of the books he had looked at. Outside Barnes & Noble, this Indian woman was standing, holding an armful of carnations. The man in front of us pointedly walked right by her, which should have been a top off. She handed each of us a carnation. “This is for you.” We thanked her. She spoke very softly and it was difficult to understand her, but we gathered something about raising money to feed hungry children. My brain registered that as fundraising for some organization, and i contemplated asking her what organization she worked for. As we reached for our wallets, she said something about “wings of angels” or something. Jonah gave her a dollar and i gave her two. “It’s five dollars,” she says. We’re in shock. Big red scam alarm goes off in my head. Jonah says he doesn’t have enough money and gives her his flower back. She of course gives him bad looks and incidentally doesn’t give him his dollar back. I don’t know what i’m thinking, but i say i’ll pay for my flower though my friend can’t afford to pay for his. I give her another two dollars. “It’s five dollars,” she repeats. I want to say, “You still have my friend’s dollar, bitch, that makes it five,” but i also just want to get the hell out of there so i just give her another dollar. In a world in which i am more assertive, not only would i have given my flower back and gotten our money back but i would have asked the Barnes & Noble management to get rid of her (she was right in front of the doors, so their customers could hardly avoid her), but instead i just steam for the next couple of hours, largely angry at myself.

Next we go to Newbury Street. We pass another Indian woman, holding tulips or roses. She holds one out to us and while i say “No thank you” sweetly, Jonah curtly says “No.” We have been burnt. We find Newbury comics easily (near the Hines T stop), but the nice man working there has never seen small cardboard stand-up Buffy figures. He is very sweet and helpful, though.

We walk to the Arlington stop and go to the MFA. We go the Impressionist exhibit (which we both love) and end up sitting down on one of the benches and chatting for a while.

Then we head to Harvard Square, via Park Street, to kill some time before our 8:50 train. Waiting for the Red Line at Park Street there is an amusing musician, so i give him my flower when our train comes. :)

When we get out at Harvard Square the Smoothie Guy is there. I love the Smoothie Guy. I get a cantaloupe banana, which makes me so happy because the two times i was there last summer he was out of cantaloupe. He even gives us a slice of cantaloupe to eat while we eat (tinged with lemon, from his gloves). My smoothie is so good. I am very happy. We walk Harvard Yard a bit and end up missing our train by about 2 minutes because i only allowed twenty minutes for getting to South Station (we end up having to wait about five minutes for a red line at Harvard Square), but hanging out at South Station and chatting is not a bad way to end a lovely day.

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