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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Wait, what was i saying about interesting entries?

Grilled cheese! Second time in a week, 4th time in less than a month. And better grilled cheese than usual it seemed to me.

I had forgotten how much i enjoy having Skarda as a prof. Talking about the group presentations, she said, "You could do them in costume. You could do them naked. Though when the prospective student are visiting it would be a bad idea." I think i know 5 people out of the 40+ class. And it seems that if i were taking Milton or Gender and Sexuality in Greco-Roman Culture i would know quite a few students in those as well. It's unfortunate that i have MAT class when she's showing the films.

The Rec Council movie listing is mostly underwhelming, per usual, though i'm excited about Finding Neverland. Do i wanna see the Ray Charles movie? Other potentials are Closer and Saw.

I'm not particularly excited about any of the poetry readings this semester, though i suppose i should go to them.

The last day to return books to the bookstore is this coming Monday. Irksome. (Though apparently if you drop a class and bring in the add-drop slip they'll let you return your books.)

"Pease and Gay Funeral and Cremation Service of Northampton is in charge of the arrangements."
I'm sorry, that just sounds like such a bizarre name.

Note to self: go through recs page and pull out stuff for futureverse.

Spuffy kinkathon. Dude, the possibility of my not signing up for this is nil. This brings my current total up to what, 3? Someone stop me from signing up for the What If...? ficathon.

A very "special" dictionary. by lily22
Look up:
Definition:Junk mail; the sender of such mail.
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