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I'm gonna miss these people when i'm gone.

Why did it take me so long to go visit the Michaelson Gallery? Note to self: visit often

"You're too practical" -Felicia, to me, at lunch. She continued to say that i should be more fluffy, by which apparently she means whimsical. Somehow not something i ever aspired to. Meg says i'm whimsical, which coming from her i don't take as an insult. This became a theme, recounted at dinner, and Anna said, "The idea of you being fluffy scares me."

I also talked about my Inklings class and C. S. Lewis and Surprised by Joy and my fury at the ending and in my recounting some of my initial fury came across and Emma said that was the first time she had ever seen me really angry. This seemed so odd to me, but then of course i realized that i tend not to get angry at my friends, so they're unlikely to see me angry. Allie and i have had heated discussions (often via LJ/AIM) but i'm not sure i've ever gotten really furious, either in print or in person. Hmm.

Kate and Laura introduced me and Cat to Foamy. Foamy's Rant II reminds me so much of my younger brother. (I e-mailed said brother and he replied: "that site is awesome, especially the rants.") I agree with Kate that the Amityville toaster was definitely the best of the ones we saw.

[And if you need more procrastination: Super Bowl ads]

Cat and i went upstairs to Felicia and Hilary's room and were cryptic and Felicia asked what we were up to and Cat said "sex" because that's her answer to everything (well that and potatoes) and then realized what she had said (and Cat is SO straight) and we started dying of laughter.

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow. When did that happen? I think part of my problem is that the weather has been so gorgeous that it doesn't feel like that 'long dark teatime of the soul' period i associate with Lent. Should i give up angsting about people liking me for Lent?

My BtVS-verse femslash ficathon assignment worries me.

I'm still deciding how i feel about Stacey's new haircut.

via scrollgirl (via tzikeh): gaypants icons and the following quote

All American writing gives me the impression that Americans don't care for girls at all. What the American male really wants is two things: he wants to be blown by a stranger while reading a newspaper and he wants to be fucked by his buddy when he's drunk. Everything else is society.
-W. H. Auden, in The Table-Talk of W. H. Auden

P.S. Meg called me "hella cool" and "more than a little bit brilliant"

And edit the second: #9 here is so cute. (And having read the book, i enjoy the Stardust icons.)
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