Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

The saga continues, complete with annotations.

[1] I always have some sort of message of my own on the top of my white board, so after i cleaned off the masses of desecration, that is what i wrote. (The "g" got smudged during one of the desecrating sessions that followed; it should read "Hugs, not fluffy, possibly whimsical, available".)

[2] When the board was still clean, Kate drew a little stick figure of me and wrote "Elizabeth" next to it.

[3] Felicia added "needs to be flufferized! ASAP".

[4] Laura came by after Felicia had redesecrated the board, and wrote "You lose." with an arrow to my message since clearly i lose at being fluffy; anytime i cleaned off the board Felicia would just come back.

[5] Felicia had been changing portions of the desecration, and the most recent time she came by to do so Kate and i were talking about Buffy, which is what i think prompted this.

[6] During the Super Bowl, Felicia was reading Tess of the d'Urbervilles and hating it and reading me passages of Angel Clare wooing Tess out loud to me. (I had already read the whole book and told her so, but of course this didn't stop her.) The lines here are "Tessey Darling!" and "But Tessey!" In the book it is spelled "Tessy."

[7] "I can't marry you!" This is also from Tess of the d'Urbervilles. Laura saw it before i did and said, "But you can; this is Massachusetts." (Those who have been following this know of Kate's assessment of Felicia's fixation on the two of us: she wishes she were gay.)

[8] All the rest of the desecration (save those noted in later annotations) is from Felicia. A stick figure of me that says "Elizabeth Sweeney, wanton sexgoddess" Yes, she did misspell my surname. "Something fluffy" pointing to a mystery box. A cat with the notation: "The cat is fluffy but he doesn't like Elizabeth; she lacks fluff"

[9] Kate added the semi-colon to make the sentence grammatically correct.

[10] The cloud with "fluffy" inside it is from Felicia., but Laura drew in a stick figure denoted "Your mom," likely inspired by the fact that Nora had written I ♥ URE MOM on her arm. Yes, she did spell it that way.

[11] "Elizabeth is teh fluffxor!" is an addition from Meg when she came to visit and was shown the board (and Kate's) in one of its stages of desecration.

[12] And just in case you were curious, yes my white board is attached to my door with duct tape, and those are lizard stickers on the tape.
Tags: fluffy

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