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"He's gay too! sometimes" -Emma, on the back of the Spiderman valentine she gave me

(Last year she gave out superhero valentines, and of course mine had a note stating that they're all gay.)

Also from today:
-one from p00rn
-a luffly homemade one from Anna with those glittery things you can buy packages of -- stars, leaves, etc.
-a Shrek 2 one from Min Ji (it has the Antonio Banderas Puss in Boots -- hott on its own -- saying "You Slay Me, Valentine" which wins -- plus she drew in a little volcano in the message part, 'cause of the conversation we had last time i wore my Escape from Pompeii t-shirt)
-a mopey animal one from Ms. Anti-Valentine's-Day
-one from Felicia (your "fixated" friend) with two fluffy puppies saying "We Make a Cute Pair, Valentine"

And some of them came with candy. And there was chocolate to partake of at work. (All the cards and chocolate, i feel like Halloween -- collecting all this loot.)

And i haven't even checked my campus mail box yet -- though likely all that will contain is a card from my Grandma. Which is fine, really.

I never really get bitter about V-Day though i've never been partnered ever nevermind on V-Day. It just gets subsumed under my general discomfort with official occasions dictating that this is when you tell/show people that you care. I do like the outpourings of love and chocolate, but then there's the awkwardness of feeling that i'm expected to reciprocate, and that way lies much angst.

Emma looked omghot. Dark makeup, all black clothes (including skirt and stockings), hair swept up. Then it turned out she'd just put on cashmere 'cause she was cold, and the intended top was her red corset, which i had forgotten how guh! it is.

Other than papercuts and closing a file drawer on my thumb, work was aright. Focus sends 2 Thank You mints with each item you order and apparently they're also doing a First Friday thing wherein you get free samples of stuff when you place your order on the first Friday of each month, so we got gel pens -- 3 of them, 'cause apparently each ordered item gets its own accompanying freebie.

Last week Stacey e-mailed us student assistants thanking us for filling out our timesheets well, and i e-mailed back with a joke referencing a brief exchange we'd had earlier. I hadn't seen her since and worried she'd forgotten the exchange by the time she read the e-mail and would look askance at me, but actually when she saw me today one of the first things she said was that she had read it at home and laughed and she thanked me.

During my work shift, a couple people told me it was snowing out. When i left, i walked outside into a cloudy, near-sunset, precipitating world that was actually kinda depressing, but then i was actually in the snow and much happy.

And what would V-Day be without flowers. Aprile got hot dark red roses. And AJ got white and purple tulips. They reminded me of crocuses, which are my favorite flowers, though i had mad love for Aprile's roses.

Gillian has the best V-Day story:
While working at a public library, a creepy old guy asks her to help him find Canterbury Tales, compliments her on her research skills, proceeds to read her a bawdy portion and leeringly remarks, "Exciting stuff, isn't it?"

Second best story comes from my Ossian Scandal seminar reading. My retelling of the story of Duchommar and Morna:
DUCHOMMAR: Morna, you are beautiful. I love you.
MORNA: Duchommar, you're dark and kinda scary.
DUCHOMMAR: Morna, I have killed 3 deer. Just for you. Because I love you like whoa.
Morna: But Duchommar, you are dark and gloomy. Plus, I love Cadmor. In fact, I am going to sit down right here and wait for him. So there.
DUCHOMMAR: Muahaha! You will be waiting a long time, for I met him and fought him and slew him. Look, his blood is on my sword. (Clearly I never read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.) I will build a great tomb for him and lo, you shall love me, for I have a strong, um, arm.
MORNA: Cut down in his prime? Oh the tragedy! Duchommar, you are gloomy indeed, and your arm is cruel to me. Give me that sword, for I love even the blood of Cadmor.
DUCHOMMAR: [gives her the sword]
MORNA: [stabs him]
DUCHOMMAR: Woe, you have killed me. Give my body to Moinie the maid for she loved me and will build me a great tomb so that many will know of me. The sword feels cold, please take it out of me.
MORNA: [moves toward him]
DUCHOMMAR: [stabs her]
MORNA: [falls, grabbing a nearby stone as she falls and placing it between them so that his blood won't mingle with hers]
     THE END

It's actually a pretty decent story; it's just fun to sap all the poetics out of it. And i so love the end.

I was so ill-prepared for class tonight (teaching Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily") but it was okay. And it was still snowing, which made me happy. (It seems to have since turned to rain, but at the time the world was still white.)

After i got back i went up to Emma's room for the movie marathon. I came in at the end of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and there was much junk food consumption. The we watched The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, which only Emma had seen before. I enjoyed. (Most well-adjusted child evar. I want to have chlidren so i can fuck them up in a healthy way like that. Except that i don't want children.) "Twas amusing how ABBA's "Mamma Mia" at the end turned into a stereo performance as we all started singing along. Ditto Vanessa Williams' "Save the Best for Last" even moreso. (According to IMDb trivia: "The drag-queen in the barber's chair during the closing credits, is actually costume designer Tim Chappel.")

We never did get around to watching Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill 'cause we broke out the fondue and the (Heart of Darkness) wine. The wine kind of saturated the air of Emma's room, which i felt really bad about 'cause she's allergic, but it was okay.

It was 2002 vintage, so connoisseurs like Kate were underwhelmed, but i think it's good wine. I was pleased, since the voodoo doll and hot box aren't quite worth all the money i spent -- though i enjoy that i basically paid for it with the service charges accumulated from buying alcohol for people this year.

This week is kind of hellish, so i don't think i'll be doing any drinking for a while, but i definitely wanna share, so get in touch if you wanna try some.

The night continued into discussion of movies, general goofiness, nonsexual molestation of Cat, and other goodness.

Aw, and Gillian said she'd be honoured if i hit on her :)

Yup, good V-Day.

And because immortalavalamp told me to, a meme:
If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?
I'm not going to screen comments, but if you feel compelled to post anonymously, i promise not to track you down.

P.S. Reminder: The Naked I: Monologues from Beyond the Binary at UMass tonight (Tuesday): Student Union Ballroom at 7pm, free admission (6pm B43 bus gets you to UMass at 6:35)
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