Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"Even Old New York was once New Amsterdam."

It was Daffodil Sunday, so we sang Sydney Carter's "All Shall Be Well" which made me think of sk8eeyore. Brunch was hash browns and banana yogurt w/ banana slices and cantaloupe-heavy fruit salad. Yum. (Dinner was less exciting, but omggarlicbread.)

I flaked on Mollie Rogers-ing after all, but i was productive. I reread King Lear, opted not to do a reader response, started on my paper (due Friday!). I will in fact have a site update on Tuesday. I sent assorted overdue feedback last night and today. (And got sidetracked on author websites reading fic i hadn't read before.)

"Sex. Downstairs. Now. And by 'sex,' I mean 'dinner.' " -Cat

Unforeseen: a new Buffy/Tara archive by faithtastic (since as far as i know, there hadn't existed one previously)

I watched part of the Oscars (went downstairs for food) and was tempted to stay for the performances, but really i can't sit through the Oscars.

Robin Williams: "They tell me Spongebob is gay. Square pants? Not gay. Tight pants? Maybe. No pants? You go girl."

I actually wandered down for the end, so since i was one of the few left at the end i got an Oscar-ette. (Mine has chunky heeled boots!) Cat won Oscar. so she can appreciate his maleness all year long ;)

All the garbage people consume, and Kate loses respect for me because i enjoy MAD TV?
Tags: church: northampton: first churches, fanfic: comms, oscars, teh gay

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