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the unprofound "no i'm not dead (yet)" update entry

Look at me not hating Maureen Dowd. This is such a rare occurrence that it needed an LJ post.

"To celebrate World Book Day, we asked the leading lights of British letters to name the characters who give them the greatest reading pleasure" -The Independent
I am much with the boggling, of course.

So much mutant_allies to read. (And i'm 2 episodes behind on ats_nolimits.)

Hey, Allie. Look.

I have now read Tam Lin. GorgeousJessica led seminar discussion, starting with contemporary performances of some of the ballads we read. "The Unquiet Grave" by Solas, "The Wife of Usher's Well" by The Chieftans, and "Lord Randall" by The Prodigals. This last group she called a "Celtic rock band" and said the refer to themselves as "jig punk." Listening to their "Lord Randall" i was in love. Too bad i can't find Dreaming in Hell's Kitchen in any library catalog.

Why is everything i write this semester such utter crap? I am excited about my seminar paper, though. "Bring on the fanfic," as Gillian put it. And really, i think i could legitimately use fanfic in it. I'm doing sexuality and power in the multiple incarnations of what we now call the Little Red Riding Hood tale -- from "The Story of Grandmother" to the didactic Perrault version to Angela Carter retellings. I still haven't figured out what the point will be (sadly, i can't just do a catalog) but appropriation of traditional tales, potential role reversal or at least romanticization of the "beast"... fanfic modeled on the LRRH tale could totally fit into my paper. (P.S. I love this site like whoa.)

"This is a product of sex, and I'm putting my mouth on it." -Cat, on the pear she was eating

I saw After Mrs. Rochester with Moriah. Really interesting interweavings of stories. Wonderful portrayal of the seductiveness of being a kept woman and how sickening power games can be when one party holds all the power.

I love looking at people's icons, but I don't always *get* them - I often wonder stuff like, "Who's that guy?" or "Where's that quote from?" but I tend not to ask, for various reasons. So come on, here are my icons. Pick one (or more!) you're curious about, and I'll try to explain it. Or at least explain what I like about it.

Who wants to explain to me what reason one would have for not asking? Memes like this strike me as odd since i figure if one has a question, one should just ask the question.

Oh, fandom drama. I forget that it isn't just the intellectuals vs. the teenyboppers. I forget that all the intellectual fen don't sit down over metaphorical tea and chat about inanities and have heated discussions underlaid by mutual respect. I forget that there are intense divisions. Surprisingly, this isn't triggering my usual "People are so immature and stoopid; i hate them all." Perhaps because i'm not really committed to any particular side. I can't handle any of the fandom BNFs enough to have them on my flist but i do like the meta, so i check a lot of the LJs with some frequency, but i haven't really had the time to engage recently. So i'm mostly just glancing and wowing at the hate.
Sometime when I was in college, the Boston Garden was torn down and replaced with a new arena, called the FleetCenter. (There seems to be some mania in business for dropping spaces between words, and it's the dumbest trend since shag haircuts.) Since Fleet Bank no longer exists, having been gobbled up by Bank of America, the naming rights to the arena went on sale. After several charity-related temporary re-namings (Jimmy Fund Center, yes; Derek Jeter Center no, on basis that "Derek Jeter" is basically a swear word in that context, no I am not joking), the arena has a new name: the Garden.

Okay, the TD Bank-North Garden, and I think hyphenation is the new black for business names. But all of the newsies bleated Gahden, Gaaaahden, overjoyed to have the old name back. Having spent the last ten years calling it the Garden anyway (much to the amusement of the peanut gallery), I can only congratulate the universe for conforming to my views on this matter.


On my trip through the park, in the early evening, past much snow and ice, I saw the bronze ducks modeled after Make Way for Ducklings: all of the baby ducklings were wearing knit hats, with ties to secure them against the wind. I had to check to be sure, because some of the hats were in dark yarn, but yep -- warm-headed bronze ducks in my freezy city.

-Vee Jane
I'm glad it's The Garden again, but the real tragedy is that Great Woods is still the Tweeter Center.
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