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oh, the drunken evening

I actually got a good chunk of Inklings reading done earlier in the day. Ficathon deadlines snuck up on me, so i was debating between doing the Lewis reading i need to do for my Wednesday presentation or finishing my fic, when Emily came by and took me down the hall to see Marja's ohsodrunk boyfriend getting ready for Drag Ball. He kept insisting, "I need more alky-hol in my stis-tem."

Boyfriend (while Marja was straddling him, putting makeup on him): "This is statutory... something."
Laura: "How old are you?"
Boyfriend: "Nineteen."
Laura: "Then it's not statutory anything."

Alana looked hot as a guy, and eventually the three of them made it out to Drag Ball. Then we saw Ruhi and Erica, the latter of which looked particularly good, and i learned that i need to see Get Real.

I also learned that peach chu-hi is really yummy. Yay alchohol that doesn't actually taste like alcohol. I had a sip of that and about three sips of vodka&lemonade (partly while i was acting as Kate's personal coaster earlier in the evening) and a sip of Corona (which was better than some beer i've had). I had a shot of Grey Goose vodka (took me 4 mouthfuls) and Nora was all shocked 'cause she's never seen me drink. Kate commented later that she's never seen me drunk. I'm generally not a fan of the whole drunkenness thing, though Kate gets really physically affectionate when she's intoxicated, which is enjoyable. And no i did not take advantage of her. However, she took me downstairs and conversation at one point centered on Victoria's Secret and sex and suchlike and recently Kate dreamt that she was really mad at me for telling everyone her secret, so Felicia made some crack connecting the two (something like, "Elizabeth knows Kate's secret" -- which in the context totally implied that we'd had sex) and okay you kinda had to be there.

Before Kate and i came down, Felicia had gone downstairs with a vodka&lemonade, to the scandalization of the people in the living room (Hilary, Emma, Cat, Min Ji).
"Next think you know, I'll be having sex." -Cat (or Emma? i wasn't yet present and only heard the story from Felicia)

"My llama is smaller than your llama." -Kate
"I'm a dom llama." -Hilary [Before Kate and i arrived, they had been explaining to Min Ji what a dominatrix is.]

Felicia (sings): "I'm pretty and witty and gay."
Emma: (kills Felicia)
Felicia (sings): "I'm pretty and witty and straight."
Kate: "You keep telling yourself that."

I mentioned my brother at one point, and Felicia started 20 questions. 'Cause we all know she's in love with me except, yanno, "ew, girl bits."

For those keeping score at home, my brother has gotten into his two safety schools (Case-Western and UMass Lowell) so far. He tells me i have a letter from Illinois. Why they didn't send it to me here, i don't know, but i'll be home in less than a week. UCSD (the program for which i was probably least suited of the 6 i applied to) has rejected me, and i haven't heard from anywhere else yet.

I heart this quiz for the "Which Buffy The Vampire Slayer pairing has the best subtext?" question, but otherwise not so much. (Okay, so Inept is perhaps not entirely inaccurate... and Femme isn't either. But still, um, grr.)

P.S. Nora's birthday is April 10. (Kate, you can also check this.)
Tags: alcohol, innuendo, lj: features, self: quizzes/memes

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