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"That was just the cutest phone message I have ever heard. You actually spoke in the third person."

I got just about no work done today. I tried to be good and stay inside and do work, but as evidenced by the preponderance of LJ posts, i just stayed inside and didn't do work. Around 3:40 Rebecca and i went for a walk. About 5:10 we got back. ("want to take a short walk as a study break?" Rebecca said. Ha!) We had dinner and got talking to Sophia and got into a discussion about Smith and community and the racist/homophobic shit that's been going on recently and town vs. Smith tensions and tensions within the town itself and lots of stuff. About 6:30 i pulled myself away to go upstairs to see if Joe had called, see how close they were to arriving and all that. (The title is from the message he left on my PhoneMail while i was at dinner.) People were still down there talking when i left, and Rebecca says they didn't finish until abut 8:50. I love having thoughtful discussions, though, or even just listening to other people have them -- even if they are about somewhat depressing topics such as what sucks about Smith.

Joe and crew (his friend Kristen and a couple friends of hers) were theoretically getting here around 6. It was about 7:40 when they finally got here. We still got good seats, though, which surprised me.

I wasn't a real fan of the guy who opened for Ani (Dan Bern), but whatever.

Because this was a solo tour (tonight was the last performance of her first solo tour since 1994) she played songs she could do solo (duh) so she played a lot of older stuff, which was cool.

I don’t remember the full set-list. She opened with "god's country," then "fuel" (during which she talked to the audience some), and then a new song.

She talked about how sorrow makes you so raw, just opens you up. She said that sorrow, joy, love, they all open you up like that, and what's important is the openness, not the up or down. This was followed by "sorry i am."

Interestingly, during that bit of talking she mentioned that in a previous performance she had asked if everyone could just let the energy settle, and everyone sat down. So when she started to play "sorry i am," most everyone sat down. (Everyone had been standing since she came on stage.)

She referred to these solo performances as candlelight dinners.

She has been reading poetry by other people throughout this tour and tonight read a poem called "Dickhead" from this book of poems called Donkey Gospel by Tony Hoagland.

The rest of the set, in no particular order since i can't remember the order, included "cradle and all," "two little girls," another new song, "up up up up up up," and "garden of simple." The last new song she did was hardcore. Stuff like "the master's tools will never dismantle the master’s house" (Audre Lorde). She recited her untitled poem about the events of 9-11 and the aftermath, followed by "names and dates and times." (She changed the lines a bit. Something like: "i talk too much, i laugh too long, and you'll probably be slightly relieved when i'm gone" and "i talk too much, i laugh too long, and you can finally get some sleep when i'm gone") I forget what her encore piece was. Probably one of the ones i already mentioned, though i know i'm neglecting one song because i couldn't think of the title. (I think it's from one of her new albums. The only line i can remember is something like 'the sidewalk in front of you is painted on a wall.')

Joe said he was looking forward to meeting some of the people i talk about, but after the concert he and his crew were pretty wiped, so we went to Davis and they got food and then drove back to UNH.

While at Davis someone walked by and for a second Joe thought it was a guy and thought, "He's cute." I said it would be so cool to have him stay for an extended period of time. He would be so confused.
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