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Hey, y'all. My YSI offering was just what i had thought of from what i had that also hadn't been already offered up in the responses to missambs's post and was in no way intended to be a comprehensive. What's up with offering me songs with no download links?

Emma wore purple tights, rhinestone crazy glitter sunglasses, and a bright yellow jacket today. Lo, spring has arrived.

Oh, Tryon Trip how i will be glad when you are over. Oh, Wuthering Heights, how i hope i never have to read you again.

An editorial in the NYTimes supporting Wolfowitz as leader of the World Bank? Interesting.

Is it bad that i don't wanna go to the lunchtime "College Presidencies and Political Controversies: To Speak or Not to Speak?" thing tomorrow because the houses are serving vegan nuggets?

Hmm, looks like Room Draw is going to be slightly more efficient than i had originally heard.

Buffyverse Down and Dirty Femmeslash PWP Ficathon (Signups end April 4. Fics due May 20.) So tempting. I feel like i'd be shit at writing any of the requests, though. (Plus the obvious fact that i have so much fic i should be working on already.)

The obvious response to the insanity that dragged me into facebook in the first place.

Hell yeah.
You scored 82 bookishness and 65 kinkiness!

You love books, you're down with the kink...you'd almost definitely
have sex in the library. Find a partner, find a good spot...and go for

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 76% on bookishness
You scored higher than 42% on kinkiness
Link: The Sex In The Library Test written by missthang8 on Ok Cupid

You scored 81% for basic knowledge, 61% for advanced knowledge, 43% for perverted knowledge and 29% for obscure knowledge

Well assuming I made the questions well and you didn't simply guess
well, we should now know how much you've learn't from sex columns, the
internet and friends and family about fetishes and sex, at least
compared to me and other takers in a statistically crappy test since I
did it off the top of my head, but I tried, I swear...

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 86% on Basic
You scored higher than 29% on Advanced
You scored higher than 47% on Perverse
You scored higher than 38% on Obscure
Link: The Fetish Knowledge Test written by Dunatis2000 on Ok Cupid
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