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5 weeks of classes left? *boggles*

Why is it that the more pressing something is, the less motivation i have to get it done? So much fandom these past couple days, so little homework. My seminar paper is eating my brain, though -- in a good way. I've gone through all the tales i have on hand (save Zipes) and included in my preliminary bibliography all the short stories and poems i suspect i'll be using, though some of them may only be passing references, and others may end up not getting incorporated at all. I haven't yet read all the nonfiction i have, so the secondary sources are just books rather than specific articles. My preliminary bibliography does not include any of the stuff from my second ILL round (i.e. the books i don't yet have in my possession). I also keep finding more stuff on the web via SurLaLune. Oh and then there's the academic databases stuff, some of which i'm ILL-ing and some of which i have to go fetch. Currently my preliminary bibliography is nearly 3 pages long.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is, like Frankenstein, a story which has become part of the collective consciousness, but whose original form was rather more complex and also just different.

     "I suppose, Lanyon," said he [Mr. Utterson, whom the narrative follows], "you and I must be the two oldest friends Henry Jekyll has."
     "I wish the friends were younger," chuckled Dr. Lanyon. "But I suppose we are. And what of that? I see little of him now. [...] would have estranged Damon and Pythias" *coughs* [Fandom!Dork sidenote: Axis of Pythia]
To someone who doesn't know the story (or, ya know, to the people living in the story) it looks like Jekyll cut off ties with everyone and gave this brutish newcomer Hyde intimate access to everything he had. That combined with talk about friendship at the beginning, and how Jekyll inspires visceral disgust/repulsion in people... It doesn't help that i was reading X-Men fic with Charles and Erik in the 1950s talking about homophiles and mutants. The pages that follow in the book don't help, though.
Utterson: "It turns me cold to think of this creature stealing like a thief to Harry's bedside; poor Harry [Jekyll], what a wakening!"
Jekyll to Utterson, re: Hyde: "But indeed, it isn't what you fancy; it is not as bad as that" (20) and "I only ask you to help him for my sake, when I am no longer here" (21).

NonAcademic Life:

Groove performed at tea on Friday. The woman who did "Walkin' in Memphis" was nowhere near as good as Emi. *tear* (I still lack an mp3 of that, btw -- the Emi performance, that is.) The woman doing "Wide Open Spaces" had a surprisingly strong voice, though. And they did "Bitch," which i love and which always makes me think of (Wes and) Lilah now, because i could have sworn i saw a fanvid once, though now i can't find it.

Katherine channel-surfed some before dinner, and one thing that was on was "Shells" (Angel 5.16). Emma said to change channels, 'cause she doesn't watch dark stuff, and then we hit Red Dragon (i recognized Azura Skye in her bit part, as i have a habit of doing) and she gushed about Hannibal Lecter. Oh the cognitive dissonance. (Not that it surprises me anymore. Titus, anyone?)

Min Ji: "Get your hands off my roommate."
Felicia: "But I like my hands on your roommate."
Me: "And you're the straight one?"

Emma: [something about the leather-clad Catherine Zeta-Jones in Ocean's Twelve]
Cat: "I really need to see that now."
Me: "Hey, that was my line. You're supposed to be straight."

After dinner we watched some more Blackadder the Third -- "Ink and Incapability," which pains me but i heart the bit with the Romantics, and "Nob and Nobility," which is not particularly memorable.

I didn't go to Rugby Prom on Saturday, but i did go with a friend to buy booze (and then to 7-11 'cause i'd been craving chocolate earlier) and got sucked into playing Taboo when we got back. I'd actually been kinda in the homework groove, so i thought i really should go back to it, but i'm a pushover, plus i figured they'd never lay off if i didn't. And yes, i did have a very good time.


I was two episodes behind on ats_nolimits. (6.11: Waking The Dead by soundingsea, 6.12: Legacy by stakebait) Really glad i watched read them in immediate succession. Not sure they got a certain character's voice quite spot-on, but quality writing nonetheless.

tartanshell started a feedback meme, basically saying, "If you read a story of mine and didn't send me feedback, just drop me a line and tell me you read it."

I've been trying really hard to feedback everything i read. (Well, everything i like anyway. Saying "This fic didn't really do it for me" seems rather mean.) When i rec, i try not to link to LJ entries, but it occurs to me that with LJ entries it's easy to leave a comment saying "This was great" whereas e-mailing an author takes additional effort and there's also often a feeling of obligation to say something substantial.

There's another meme:
Off the top of your head, right now, what ten 'ships would you likely drop what you're doing to read fic for. Or, alternately, what are the top ten ships that you'll give a fic a chance for, or that you've been dying to write, or that you've been dying to read.... These can be new loves, old flames, or something in between. Explain if you like, but you don't have to. Then tell us 3 things these ships say about you. Leave a comment about what you think these ships say about me, then repeat in your own LJ.
Thing is, most of the 'ships i'm particularly interested in seeing at the moment are cracktastic ones inspired by stuff we've read in Telling and Retelling. And to speak more generally, i'm easily influenced by stuff i've read recently in terms of ships and characters and even fandoms (hello X-Men and TNG) that i wanna see more of. As for stuff i wanna write, well that's a whole lot of stuff-in-progress and which one(s) i'm inclined to work on fluctuates.

paranoidkitten's doing a femslash ficathon over at bsclove. (Signups end April 9.)

mpoetess posts bad euphemisms for female masturbation.

Everyone, go fill out the survey for Paige's fanfic&sexuality paper.
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