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"I walk in stride with people much taller than me. Partly it's the boots, but mostly it's my chi."

Homework is getting done (though i do need to stop letting myself get distracted), and SCMA hasn't killed me ded yet. I got a plotbunny for the Ethan ficathon, and the deadline got moved up.

CZ on my reading journal: "Thanks for letting me eavesdrop on your journal. Thoughtful + discerning. You could play Anscombe to Lewis!"

selections from CZ's comment on my midterm paper: "This is a very discerning essay on an issue central to Perelandra (and also, of course, to Paradise Lost). [...] An insightful discussion of Lewis's portrayal of obedience, with its subtle gradations. Your analysis of the reasons why there must be an arbitrary divine command (over and above the rational moral law) is compelling. The writing is lucid. All in all, a great paper!"

MAT prof on my midterm: "I am so delighted that you decided to take the class. Although it is clear from your writing and comments in class that a scholar's life awaits you, I hope that our review of some seminal works in the high school curriculum, as well as recent writings on pedagogy, will hold you in good stead when you work in the academy. I also hope that the midterm exercise proved helpful in alerting you to the difficulties of framing questions for high school students. If you have some time, let's get together and have a more detailed discussion of your work."

I'm Room Draw proxying tomorrow (Tuesday) night. People are already moving on to class selection. Weird to not be partaking of that (and jealous to not be taking mt's Hell course) though i'll be doing course selection again anyhow -- either at UPenn or in Boston. (No, i haven't heard from UPenn yet. Yes i'm calling them on Friday if i haven't heard by then.)

Am telling myself i don't need to attend any of the Women Practicing Buddhism workshops, especially as my Saturday is already rather booked.
12:30-2:30, Wright Auditorium: Tristan Taormino: "Confessions of a Sex-Crazed Mind"
3:00-6:15, Neilson Browsing Room: symposium for Donfried's retirment

What Does Your Inner Soul Look Like?::male and female pics:: by angel_drifter
Favorite Colors:
What your Inner Soul Looks Like:
Your Weakness:Darkness
What you Are:Friend...Ally
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Oh, and Happy Birthday lilithchilde. Hope you have an awesome time with ladyvivien.
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