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"cuz i have the kind of beauty that moves"

I worked 5¼ hours extra on the Tryon Trip since i've been back from Spring Break. (Usually i work 10 hours/week.) Tonight we finished the packets and packed the boxes and got them all ready to be mailed off tomorrow morning. And AJ told us all to add one hour to our timesheets 'cause it's the closest she can come to giving us overtime pay. And the way my work schedule is, i won't even be in the office again until Monday.

I actually like the bitter cold and the snow and the rain, but i won't deny that i've been loving the gorgeous weather and it has been putting me in a good mood.

I handed in my English Dept. prize submissions, and Bobbie actually knew who i was (or saw my name and remembered that i'm a liaison) which was nice 'cause i'm rarely in her office and feel like she usually doesn't know me from Adam.

I'll be missing Faculty Tea this year 'cause i'll be at Layna's. Why is everything this weekend? Faculty Tea isn't for two weeks. but this weekend includes: Conbust, Women Practicing Buddhism [oops, that's next weekend], Tristan Taormino, symposium for Donfried's retirment. Oh, and the house mocktail is on Friday, and Senior Wine and Cheese is on Thursday. And this weekend there's also the Reproductive Rights Conference at Hampshire, which actually has some workshops/discussions that look like they might actually be worth my while, but like Safe Colleges the following weekend i am opting out.

RCFOS tonight was good. And yay good Emma-time. And all the juniors in my house got singles. The important part was that Emma got a single, but i'm glad that all the juniors got singles.

Oh i have been hearing about the school shooting. Kate and Emma and i were talking about what a bubble we live in, and how we've barely heard about the March 21 school shooting (Red Lake, Minnesota). I Googled it and read the name Jeff Weise and recognized it immediately having seen a bunch of blog coverage etc. talking about the problematics of talking about "warning signs" in hindsight and such. But all i knew was that he killed himself at school. I hadn't really noticed the part about how he took a bunch of people with him. LiveJournal did promptly inform me that Johnnie Cochran died, though, so it isn't completely falling down on its job of keeping me up to date on current events. Oh, and that the AIM TOS scare was bogus. Too tired to read and comment with brainfulness on the day's flist. Mmm, pretty.

(And "conjure" with emphasis on the second syllable is an officially acceptable pronunciation.)
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