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Dear Classics people: A friend of mine is considering taking Ancient Greece with Richard Lim next semester but has heard he gives obscene amounts of work. (She is suffering through Steiber this semester and does not want a repeat of that.) You people talk about Lim frequently, but i never remember any of it. Help me (her) out?

Dear anyone: One of my seminar classmates is doing her paper on the Lanning Fountain. If you've heard stories about the fountain (whether or not you think they're necessarily true -- this is a folklore class, after all), please fill out her questionnaire and e-mail it to her at ttawzer@smith
Try to answer the first question without looking at the others, and then answer any of the other questions you might have answers to. Please answer truthfully, and leave any questions you do not have an answer to blank. Please include class year and the names of all the houses you have lived in with your response.

The Lanning Fountain sits between the Science Quad and the greenhouse. It features a basin with the statue of a young woman and bears the inscription "In Memory of a Beautiful Life" on the pedestal.

1. In general? What do you know about the fountain? What have you heard about it since you came to Smith?

2. Origin: Who was the fountain donated in memory of? How and where did she die? What does the statue show?

3. Have you heard anything about events surrounding the fountain as it exists now? Is it a special place for any reason?
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