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the entry Semagic ate

Other than having to take the later bus, i got to Layna’s no problem. Turns out she lives near where my parents used to :)

I always feel awkward around Layna’s people, but i do enjoy them for the most part. And i learned about Amazons and Mongols from Sylvia (who’s not kidding that she makes Cosmos strong), and watched a massive [14 people] game of Apples to Apples, which is a game i decided i like.

The logistics of where everyone was going to sleep had not been entirely thought through, because this many (12) people sleeping over had not been anticipated. We all managed, though. A couch cushion, a blanket, and a hardwood floor, made me quite happy. I kept waking up, though, and at 5am fetched my sweatshirt because i was so cold. I didn’t feel particularly cold most of the times i had woken up, though, and certainly wasn’t uncomfortable, so i was confused and annoyed, but i was allowed to sleep in, and then i got a shower and had yellow cake and corn chips for breakfast, so life was improved.

While people were figuring out what to do for the afternoon, Lisa put in her $2 DVD: From Justin to Kelly. As Layna put it, “We also watched a portion of From Justin to Kelly. Um. Yeah. Moving on.”
Check out the IMDb trivia for the movie and the writer.

On the bus home, i saw a movie which knew it was horrible and embraced it: Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. All-star cast (including Béla Károlyi!) and i quit after 10 minutes. I did catch smatterings as it went along, however, and the bus ride ended before the movie did, but i rather liked the ending i got: the “Back in my day, we used guns” scene, followed by the awesome “Sorry Charlie” line (one of the references/allusions -- along with CSI! -- i got).
IMDb trivia: Drew Barrymore is a huge supporter of "gun control". That is why none of the "Angels" are seen using any guns in this picture.

doyle_sb4 is no longer updating her masterlist of BtVS/Angel-verse ficathon masterlists, but bookishwench made ficathon_codex. ::dances::
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