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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Stacey thought i was painting my nails at the desk, but i was just using White-Out.

Oh yeah, Patriots Day is for the whole state.  Being as it is Marathon Day, i was conflating it with Evacuation Day (which only affects select Boston enclaves) and was thus confused at Forbes Library being closed for the occasion.

Cat didn't come to my Beloved class, but she went with Fefe to see The Hours and thus met Skarda, who was not scary because she was wearing floral print pants.

I was discussing with Emma earlier about how the (Buffyverse) pairings she reads are ones that don't particularly interest me, which is something of an achievement given the amount of pairings that interest me.  Talking to Kate later, our pairing interests don't much overlap either.  As per usual, the three of us manage to have three different sets of taste.  And thinking back over what i've liked, i'm big on the darkness/angst, which neither of them is so into.  (Also: i so need to steal doyle_sb4's setup for my recs page.  Will be a while before i have the time to do all that coding, though.)  Talking to Kate also reminded me how nigh on unsquickable i am, and listening to her talk about the bad fic she's read makes me so grateful for what i've read.  I sometimes think i have really low standards on what i rec, and at other times find myself reading such not-great fic and wonder if i just have unfairly high standards.  But listening to her renditions of so much of the stuff she's seen, i clearly habitate the mediocre-great section of the fandom.  Oh, and while Kate and Emma both read a lot of serial fic, i read almost none, both because i don't tend to run across it and because i like to finish stories in a single sitting (not to mention how unfinished works drive me batty unless i absolutely know they're being updated regularly).

It is starting to sink in that when i leave on May 15, i'm not coming back.  (Save visits, of course.)  At least a couple non-seniors are staying at least a couple days past the end of exams, though, and some Smithies return to the Boston area in the offseason.  'Twill be interesting to see what happens to my Smith friendships after graduation.
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