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The State of the Elizabeth.

Oh skimming 400 pages.  At the beginning i kept getting sucked into reading the story and having to stop myself.  I read the trilogy for the first (and up until now) time the summer after the first movie came out (of course i still haven't seen the movies and probably never will) and during this half of the semester felt like i might appreciate it more reading it after this class, but it's bloody long.  And i was rather bored the first time and don't foresee my enjoyment increasing any considerable measure.  But it means so much to so many of my friends.  However, skimming Fellowship for my paper (I totally didn't read it for class earlier this semester when we were actually assigned it.) has confirmed for me that really i don't ever need to read it again.  Proof that i am a sap however, i cried at the bit with Gimli and Galadriel's hair.

I'm done taking notes and am off to sleep shortly.  This paper will so get done for Friday.  w00t.  (She said we could hand them in next week if we needed to, but i have a seminar paper and an exam, plus i have to do reading journal for this entire second half of the semester, so i really wanna get the paper done for the original deadline of this Friday.)  P.S. I'm sorry, but i totally channeled Ethan&Giles during the Saruman-of-Many-Colours scene.

"And that, Frodo, is the end of my account.  May Elrond and the others forgive the length of it.  But such a thing has not happened before, that Gandalf broke tryst and did not come when he was promised.  An account to the Ring-bearer of so strange an event was required, I think."

My seminar paper is only 15-20 pages?  Damn.  That's so much less imposing than the 20-30 page range i thought the assignment fell in.

I was the only person who wrote on The Eyre Affair.  Skarda read mine as a break from all the Mary Reilly papers and said something about it being a pleasure to read a well-written paper :)

Got the invoice for the Eng. Dept. t-shirts.  One of the screens was free?  Yay us.  (And they totally didn't charge us for the typesetting fee.)  These are gonna be like the cheapest shirts ever.  (Dunno if we'll get the same awesome deal for cheap shirts when they reorder in the fall, but as i won't actually be involved, i'm less than concerned.  Though i really do hope they do preorders.  I'm totally gonna be checking in ‘cause i'm a bitch like that.)  It makes me sad that the Classics Dept. changed their t-shirts from their old "More fun than an Atreid family reunion" slogan.

My flist exploded when the Serenity trailer came out.  wisdomeagle and i can spend the next 4 months being the only unspoiled Firefly fans.  Yay us.  (Elektra Barbie reminds me of Inara.)
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