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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

one more day of classes left...

This morning:

Body: Yay! 8 hours of sleep.
Brain: Stupid bint.  We have a class to go to, you know.
Body: Hey, you're the one who turned off the alarm.  We all know how well the "I'll get up in just a few more minutes" thing works out.
Brain: Shuddup. And what's up with this runny nose thing?  I don't remember approving that.
Body: ...

Not as amusing as Sharon, i'm sure, but so it goes.  (We all have our gifts.)

Zia plans to become my favorite stalker.

Emma was disappointed at my lack of consistency -- i was willing to go to Elektra to see the Serenity trailer but am now avoiding it.  Really it was my willingness to see the trailer at first that was inconsistent since i'm such a non-spoiler girl.  I hear the Boston Commons showing sold out in 10 minutes.

I went to work and Stacey already had my nametag in her hand by the time i got to the desk.
Me: You're so efficient.
Stacey: I learned it from you.
[She's forever making cracks about how efficiently i work, usually with comments about how it just means i get assigned more work to do.]

Ann: "Stacey, can I have...?"
Stacey: "Only if I can borrow Elizabeth to do this." (to me) "How does that make you feel?"
Me: "Kind of used, actually, like a bargaining chip."
Stacey: "Yes!  That's the word I was looking for.  I just couldn't think of it."
Me: "That's why i'm the English major."

I got my first graduation gift today.  (Well, if we don't count my parents giving me BtVS-on-DVD early.)  AJ called me amazing, among other things.  And when i left at the end of my shift (the last time i'll be working there, save one day when i'm working because she won't be in that day) she said it was so weird that i won't be coming back, and so she just wasn't gonna talk about it.

The card read:

What will I do!
and Stacey do...?
Thank you so very
much: loyal, true,
reliable and never
at a loss.
...and coincidentally

And i got a lovely bracelet--which i can't manage to fasten myself.

Why are we having alcoholic gelato again?  No sign, but there was an empty brandy bottle and an empty liqueur bottle next to the bowl. I felt for Emma.  There was also an overabundance of raisins in the gelato.  (*looks at menu*  rum raisin ice cream.  ah, that explains things some.)

Went to RCFOS Senior Banquet.  Had cheap wine (the brown labels on the bottles said so) and got a flower.  I feel like such an interloper in that group.

I reiterate that it will be interesting to see with whom i stay in touch (nevermind what kinds of new friends i make).

Everything Bad Is Good for You: How Today’s Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter by Steven Johnson is getting press everywhere from Mother Jones to NYTimes.

freethegayboys wants "a long and detailed account of why you are part of a fandom, any fandom"

A critic who attributed all of Hamlet's hesitations to the idea that the prince was actually a lesbian masquerading as a male would be "in contact with the tecxt," because the focus of the discussion, after all, would still be Shakespeare's play and not the Manhattan telephone directory or the odes of Pindar; but one might question whether such contact would be of much use to other readers
-from "Multiple Readings and the Bog of Indeterminacy," Chapter 7 of The Pleasures of Reading: in an ideological age by Robert Alter [page 223]

Someone needs to write that retelling of Hamlet.  (And no it will not be me.  I just don't like the play that much.  Though i so need to rewrite As You Like It with all the gay character motivation.)
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