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in which there is much sex (how's that for an attention-grabbing Subject line?)

Last meeting of Skarda's class was a house party per usual.  I kept feeling like there should be alcohol because last time i was there was the Christmas party at the end of Romantics class.  And then lo there was orange grapefruit compote with triple sec.  Which of course i didn't eat, 'cause hello grapefruit, but still.

On Monday i told Kate the Bluebeard story because she had never heard it (and it's my seminar reading for this week) and realized just how much i have totally adopted her gestures and inflections for storytelling.  Then i actually read the Perrault story, and found it so caricatured.  NMB actually finds the Grimms' "Fitcher's Bird" a more poorly put together story.

The last time i read Angela Carter's "The Bloody Chamber" i was really into the heroine's sexual development, her awakening to the pleasures of S&M, and i was much less convinced this time around, which might mean that i was in a particular headspace last time and this time around am more aware of the fact that Carter didn't intend that (after all, the piano-tuner seems pretty vanilla) but given how much Carter uses the theme of awakening the dark primal bestial sexuality beneath the surface, and uses it as a positive thing, it seems to me a potentially valid reading of the text.  I want fanfic in which Bluebeard isn't a murderer and in which they negotiate a really hot kinky sexlife.  Alternatively, kinky post-canon fic.

Candi's doing her final paper on folklore motifs in Tori Amos songs, focusing on sex and violence.

It was sinking in on my way home from class that the class-taking phase of my undergraduate career is now over forever.

Poll inspired by a real-life story from a friend:
So, you're on a date with a guy.  Somehow it comes up in conversation that he would like to make a porn film, "But not the cheesy hardcore kind. Something classier - geared to women and couples."
Poll #484240 given the above situation...

Your response is:

[And for those of whom your immediate reaction is, "I'm on a date with a guy? wtf?" just play along.]

And from a completely different context, phineasjones says, "i can't believe anyone out there is like, 'i have breasts, so i already have all the breast experience i need.' i mean, come on! there is so much variety to be explored!"

Fortune cookie: "Don't be hasty, prosperity will knock on your door soon."
If this soon-to-be-graduate believed on fortune cookies, this would be quite comforting.  (Though what's up with the implication that i'm being hasty?)  Extra fun if one adds on the requisite "in bed"  :)
And speaking of jobs for graduates, my father sent me this, which excerpts from a piece in The Christian Science Monitor that says the job market is improving for this year's college graduates.  ("The expected salary range for bachelor's degrees in liberal arts today: $29,400 to $35,000, according to CollegeJournal.com."  Hotness.)

House meeting re: house closing procedures didn't actually inform us of what to do if one actually has damaged furniture.  ecox asked how the college notifies/bills you, and Patricia didn't know.  I had thought there was a sheet we got at the end of the year whereon you can mark any damage in your room, but maybe i'm conflating that with the sheet you get when you first move in.

My Inklings paper is so much academic bullshit in the vein of my Eyre Affair paper.  In a novel which i whine about being full of stock characters, i ended up arguing for subtlty and complexity of characterization.  Huh.  I still need to do my reading journal, but that's even easier than the paper and can be turned in next week.  I am so excited to finally be able to work on my seminar paper in earnest.  I thought i had read nearly all the modern English language LRRH variants in existence, but i just read an article in a 1982 issue of International Folklore Review which contains the following paragraph: "It should be noted that these three obscene versions did not appear in pornographic magazines but were printed in The Smith, a perfectly serious American literary publication.  There are, of course, sexual illustrations of Little Red Riding Hood along this line in hard-core sex magazines which are unsuitable for reproduction here, but it cannot be denied that sexual interpretations of fairy stories in all degrees from refinement to crudity have become a popular form of entertainment among adults."  They do reproduce a 1974 Playboy cartoon and a 1978 Punch one, though.  And the footnote to that paragraph might get used in my paper (whose topic is LRRH as a willing sexual participant): "An advertisement for sexual stimulators showed a picture of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf with a variety of such devices and the caption 'The better to please you with, my dear.' Hustler, April 1978, 20."

I learned that Jane St. Clair wrote Voyager fic, including TNG crossover.  I, of course, refuse to read Voyager fic until i've watched all 7 seasons through.  I told Emma about the argument Cat and i had about TNG Q!sex given the Voyager canon, and she pointed out that if Q+human can have sex the Q way, shouldn't they also be able to the human way? ::hearts her::  I really need to rewatch that episode (preferably as part of a full canon tour, though).

Am considering hitting up the MFA Dance Concert on Friday and then leaving early to go to the One-Acts.  (The lack of Christopher Durang in the latter makes me sad.  But it's in the TV Studio rather than HF, which makes me think it's a different set of one-acts than usual.)

atpolittlebit points out a quote from "Life of the Party" (Angel 5.05) that could be seen to refer to Firefly.
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